Self-Empowerment Through Lingerie

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In society, women are expected to to display their sexuality and sensuality in certain ways. Confined to societal expectations, it is difficult to embrace your sexuality and allow it to fuel you. However, this is a toxic mindset, so we need to break out of it and embrace our sensuality, reclaiming it for ourselves. Lingerie is just one of the ways in which we can do this.

Looking Good For Your Goddam Self

In this quote Florence Given puts it perfectly. We should be looking good for ourselves, not just for onlookers. Wearing lingerie does not have to just be a chore we do to satisfy our partners. It can be a way in which we boost our self esteem and learn to love our bodies.

Well Fitting and Comfortable Lingerie

It is important that if wearing lingerie is to boost our confidence, we must feel comfortable in it. Well fitting lingerie can offer support throughout the day, allowing us to get on with our daily tasks while feeling comfortable. Many of us need the support of a bra, while others prefer to go braless, so why not make it an enjoyable experience and make it pretty through wearing lingerie.

Self-Empowerment And lingerie

I find that if I wear lingerie under my daily clothes, I feel as though I can accomplish things more easily. Lingerie fills me with a sense of confidence, almost like my own little secret with myself that helps me get through important presentations and other stressful tasks that I must complete.

Why not wear lingerie in your house and admire your own beauty. Fill yourself with a sense of empowerment and improve your self esteem at the same time.

Site Recommendations

Victoria’s Secret
A classic lingerie shop with a wide range to offer. I love their variety and you can be a bit adventurous with all that they have in store. They also offer fitting sessions which is great to get that all important comfort

Boux Avenue
Similar to Victoria’s Secret but with a more sophisticated line. I enjoy perusing their website for new finds.

Marks and Spencer
A standard shop that offers some exceptional lingerie, although maybe not as out there as Victoria’s Secret or Boux Avenue. 

Of course there are many other shops and websites that offer amazing lingerie so go out there and find the right shop for you.

Final Thoughts

Now I must say that not everyone will find their confidence and empowerment through wearing lingerie and that is okay. We all have different ways to boost our self esteem. The important thing to take from this is that we should embrace our sensuality and appreciate our beauty, letting these things empower us to be the best selfish darling we can be.

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The Hormona Team

The Hormona Team

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