Our journey to better understand hormonal health

Through our personal journeys, we aim to help women live happier and healthier life!

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Jasmine & Karolina, Founders of Hormona

I’m Karolina, founder of Hormona and here’s my story

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Five years ago, I lost my wellbeing and ultimately, myself. I bounced from one doctor to the next, desperate for them to take my problems seriously.

No one I spoke to could see the link between my mental wellbeing and the symptoms my body was presenting. Doctors resorted to throwing anti-depressants at the problem, and recommended me to quit my job as surely this was the “real” cause of my stress. 

After many years of research, appointments and travelling to see specialists abroad, I was finally diagnosed with an under-active thyroid and hormonal imbalances – two things that not only could’ve easily been detected if someone had just done the right test and connected the dots resulting in my issues, but also almost exclusively affects women.

80% of all women are affected by hormone imbalance, don’t be one of them!

The knowledge gap between women and hormones

Throughout the journey to better my own health the massive gap between information, access and the everyday woman became clear to me.

I found a significant need for a solution focused on female health, where women can get the help they need to understand their body and hormonal fluctuations better.

The effect our constantly changing bodies and hormones have on our physical and mental wellbeing became very clear to me during my journey. 

Speaking to other women, I realised that I wasn’t the only one.

Why I founded Hormona

Once I realised how many women were suffering from hormone related issues, and how little we all know about the effect of our hormones, I knew this had to change. That’s what sparked the start of Hormona.

We are here to give women better insights of their health, and a deeper understanding of their hormones through a science-backed and data-driven approach.

I am so excited to be part of your hormonal journey!

With love,

We aim to empower women to have all that they envision for their lives without their health holding them back.