The Hormona Library

Our Library is packed with personal stories and in-depth research-based features, alongside the latest medical and scientific discoveries in the worlds of hormone and reproductive health.

  • How Do You Know You’re in Menopause?

    Just when you think you’ve effectively navigated PMS, periods, and your reproductive cycle in general, you’re hit with ...

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  • Embrace your sexuality: 3 ways to love who you are

    Sexuality. Did you get a knot in your throat when you read that? Butterflies in your tummy? Or ...

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  • Water and hormone balance: How drinking H2O helps

    We often forget about the power of water. From helping to power our digestive systems to regulating body ...

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  • PMS and ADHD

    Living with ADHD can be difficult at the best of times. But add in PMS, and the results ...

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  • Periods 101: A partner's guide

    Welcome partners and interested parties to Periods 101! There's a lot of secrecy and taboo-ness around the menstrual ...

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  • Period sex: Why it's a good idea

    Looking for ways to feel better when you’re on your period? While we always recommend taking it easy, ...

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