Little Women is Getting Another Film: They Don’t Take Shit From Anyone

Little Women

The cult classic book Little Women by Louisa May Alcott is getting yet another all-star Hollywood reboot of the same name. I was reading an article on The Mary Sue by Princess Weekes titled ‘What is gained by remaking Little Women as White as the Original?’.  It is a good read that will get you, as it did me, thinking about a woman’s place in society.

It got me thinking about the characters together with the issues it presents. The things we have forced society to face and if it still can hold a place with the women of now, who are out here hustling for their dreams, while making sure they don’t take shit from anyone. We understand why the book and its many films are loved and continue to be loved even more with age. A classic with each decade’s generation that it happens upon.

Chatter in the Media

At the present time, there is a megaton of chatter from the media about it. The publicity team are working overtime to make sure it does not get overloaded as an irrelevant nor dated piece of work. The world that the book and its characters inhabit has already earned its place in history. A time that was not pleasant for those born the wrong race or the wrong sex and heaven help you if you were born both. Yes, it was a time on the turning point of progression. However, the issues of now have also progressed from the time it inhabits. Now if you think back to what occurred we do wonder what the heck they were thinking. The current generation value authenticity. This means they treasure what already exists more than the new.   

Once again, Little Women, 2020 by director Greta Gerwig will soon be wedging its presence into the world of now.

Jo March

It got me thinking most of all about the women who refuse, for lack of a politer word, to take shit from the norms they were to accept. Chiefly, Jo March, for me does it best by proving women should not take shit from anyone. Even if a tad dated there are things, she can still teach us.

The two things Jo march embodies that is of now starts with the masculine energy couple with the say whatever she thinks mind.

The second is being in control of her own will and the time given to her by the universe. Ignoring the shit thrown from the society trying to dictate how long and who with a woman’s time should be spent. I mean, …it could prove that Jo March was showing us how to not take shit from no one less you want to be what society thinks we should be seen and not heard. If you are old enough to remember growing up with Little Women, 1994 directed by Gillian Armstong. Winona Ryder’s version of Jo March would be the little woman you already hold dear – The one who did not take shit from anyone. 

Are you as excited bout the new Little Women as we are? Have a sneak peak here and let us know in the comment section below 🙂

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