Let’s learn about face Mask Layering and why you should try it, at least once

Face mask layering is still a thing; these ingredients will amplify your layering skills. You need to try this, at least once. 

Did you too also accidentally discovered you can layer your face mask with great benefits, well, I thought I had invented face mask layering, as it turns out it was already a thing. You unintentionally might have been doing this too. Not counting those of you if you have not tried it. Here is why you need to give it a go, the failsafe is you can try it once, despite that you can go back to your basic ways of one, contrarily see if you will go back.   

What is Face mask Layering?

Face mask layering is as it sounds and yet less manual in the sense of psychically putting on more than one mask either on top of each other or using more than one in sectioned areas of the face, neck and décolletage, never forget the décolletage. To some it will sound counterproductive for the treatment of skin, accompanied by a downright pore-clogging and skin irritating no, no but the fact of the matter is it can help to levitate lots of skin concerns. Before you get out of hand, miracles aren’t man-made therefore these can’t be the answer to everything wrong with your skin but with a little experimenting to learn about your skin coupled with a persistent routine it can be a healthy start.   

Important ingredients needed to face the mask  

It is 2019, we are all a little extra with our skincare. We all know of the plethora of ingredients for the types of masks out there to choose from. You know how the routine goes. The first cleanse to remove make-up then second cleanse with your skin’s favourite cleanser don’t forget to dull away the day with an exfoliate –with a gentle physical scrub to prep the skin for your one mask. Granted that now you will be dabbling with two masks opting for the choice of one on top of the other.    

How to layer your masks’ ingredients goes a little something like this. 

Chemical and fruit exfoliating masks do like each other and can help each other work faster. To layer effectively start with a light gentle liquid chemical mask containing one or all of these ingredients of glycolic, lactic, and salicylic acids, aka AHA & BHAs. Ensure the AHAs & BHA are at a relative percentage that will give it the title of gentle to not overload the skin. It is easy to cause irritation to the skin but you got this. Give it a minute and follow up with a cream fruit enzyme peel mask. You get to choose which fruit enzyme you want to use among popular choices are papaya and pineapple.   

Detoxifying and antioxidant hydrating rich will adorn the skin. There are masks out there that are said to be able to do both. However, you are after the pure hydrating and brightening factors from your antioxidant ingredients that the skin will want first. Like honey or fruit or tea antioxidant-rich like green tea. Along with the main detoxifying and clarifying ingredients such as charcoal or a type of clay (white, green or blue) packed with rice extract, ginseng extract, you get the deal. This one will take a little playing with to get the right amount that your skin will like as long as you go the thinnest consistency to the thickest you can’t go wrong. 

Be sure you look out for these ingredients when choosing your mask for good measure remember to have fun with it. These ingredients can and will happily join in a holy union on your skin to benefit it.   

We are all chasing that glow, seeking those dewy looks and looking for that glass skin summed with a routine that will make dermatologist obsolete. Jokes that wouldn’t be possible. We all know they will forever be the doctors of the skin. Although, it will be interesting to see how we Millennials and Gen-Z are set to shape the future of the beauty industry’s approach to mature skincare when we reach this stage of our skin lives.   

I predict we will change the way ingredients are thought of and the words used in referral to mature skin by asking the beauty industry for gentle products that will provide longevity in performance on the skin as we grow older. Fun topic to explore another time for now all you will need to worry about is nourishing the skin to look its best before it’s aged.   

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