Why Owning Plants can Lead to a Happier Life

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There are many reasons why owning and looking after plants in your home can be beneficial to your life. 

Air Purity

Air purity is a very important thing when it comes to the environment you live in. Having air that is easy to breathe and free from pollution is key when it comes to personal health and happiness. 

Plants offer this, as they take in carbon dioxide that we breathe out and expel oxygen that we breathe in. Through this they purify the air around them and make your living space more enjoyable to live in. 


Plants are the millennial solution to one, not being able to afford an animal like a dog or a cat, and two, not having the time to dedicate to looking after an animal. That’s not to say people don’t have animals and plants, but plants offer an easy alternative to animals, while still getting a lot of the satisfaction of caring for another being.

Looking after something can give people a sense of purpose and responsibility, which in turn can bring happiness to that person. Watching a plant grow that you have tended is a very fulfilling feeling, knowing that it is because of you that this living thing is flourishing.

Many people (myself included) name their plants, making them feel less like inanimate objects and more like companions. 


Interior design plays a big part in our lives. It shapes how we live in our homes, and has an influence over how we feel in our homes. Plants bring life to a room; not only with their vibrant colours but also with their pots and planters. 

People can display their unique styles through different plant pots, such as hanging planters, brightly painted pots, or weirdly shaped pots. There are no limits on how to show your own style through plants.

Plants can be statement pieces such as a giant Monstera in a corner, or tiny pops of green on a windowsill in the form of a succulent. Plants bring colour and vibrancy to a room, making it come alive before your eyes, they also brighten rooms, making them more inviting. 

Plants are excellent additions to any room, be that your bathroom, kitchen, bedroom or home office. They bring happiness into a space, which is a very important to happy and healthy living.


Plants don’t just have to be pretty objects that you look at and occasionally water. They can have uses within in the home as well. 

A planter in your kitchen with all your favourite herbs in is a fantastic way of making sure that you never run out of them. Having fresh herbs and spices is also one of best ways of making your food taste authentic. Not to mention it is also a sustainable way of cooking as it means you don’t have to buy dried herbs in often non recyclable containers.

Mint is an obvious plant to keep in your kitchen. If you are a cocktail lover (like me) you will know the benefits of having fresh mint to spice up your summer Pimm’s or mojito.

I personally have my basil bush (aptly named Basil Brush) on my kitchen windowsill. I make Italian food at least 3 times a week and having that fresh basil smell and taste really brings out the flavours of the dishes I make.

As everyone knows, good food and drink makes people happy, and as plants can improve both of these, plants can bring more happiness. 

Plants don’t just have to be used for cooking purposes. Smells are incredibly important in a home, it’s why the scented candle industry is so successful. But smells don’t just have to come from manmade items; plants can provide wonderful smells in rooms. 

Take lavender for example, it is widely known as a smell that aids sleep and digestion, so having a lavender plant, or even dried lavender in your bedroom could improve your sleep and make you feel better in the mornings.

Eucalyptus is well known for being a good plant to have in your bathroom. With the steam from the shower, the plant releases calming and medicinal oils that can help with colds and make you feel more relaxed. Many people hang eucalyptus stems from their shower head to make sure they get as many of the benefits as possible.

Having good smells that have health benefits in your home will make you happier and healthier.

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The Hormona Team

The Hormona Team

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