All About the Third Eye Chakra – A Guide to the Sixth Chakra

third eye chakra

What is the Third Eye Chakra?

Otherwise known as Ajna, Brow Chakra or Bhru Madhya, the sixth chakra in yoga philosophy is the third eye chakra. The third eye is situated in the centre of brain, right behind your forehead and in between the eyes. Although all the chakras hold a vital importance in the arrangement of the body’s energy flow, the brow chakra holds a special importance.

The Ajna is represented by the colour with a deep blue violet and indigo. These colours are often associated with wisdom and devotion which are two key factors to the third eye. It is the energy of the psychological mind which interacts with your inner consciousness and is otherwise known as your sixth sense. Here’s everything you need to know about your sixth chakra.



third eye chakra
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Focus on the Third Eye Chakra

When your sixth chakra gets blocked, you experience a distinct loss of intuition which leads to self-distrust in your inner voice. You could feel like you’re stuck in the rat race with no way out and everything in your life will feel like it’s taking a negative spin.

Although no chakra operates independently of the others, the third eye has a lot to do with this stress. It is responsible for combining your inner mind with the outer world. Thich explains why perceptions are so important with this chakra. To help your intuition, memory and learning skills, you need to focus on the third eye chakra.

Third Eye Chakra Blocks

An overactive or imbalanced sixth chakra can cause blockages in the form of behaviours and judgements. You might find  yourself becoming judgmental of others or dismissive of loved-ones. You could also be carrying a purely inward-focus, a blockage in your third eye could be it. A really overactive third eye will cause delusions and a warped sense of reality. Physical blockages will come in the form of headaches and dizziness to depression and addictive tendencies.

Healing the Third Eye

Restoring balance to the brow chakra is important on a lifestyle scale and can’t just be healed with yoga. Healthy whole foods, regular exercise and sleep helps a lot with restoring chakra balance. Meditation is another important way to focus on rebalancing. Once you start bringing your energy back to the center of your being, you will notice how much more comforted you will feel.

Gratitude can be lost when your third eye is blocked so writing things down that you’re happy about will help you bring yourself back to centre. Open your third eye with calming and connecting mantras while you meditate:

I listen to my intuition and I trust my inner vision.

I open myself up to connecting with the universe and I embrace the unknown.

Yoga Poses for the Sixth Chakra

Downward dog, child’s pose and a supported shoulder stand help the Ajna chakra to open up. Forward bends calm the mind as the blood rushes there and the rest of the body is energised through stretching. A deep forward hamstring bend or a seated posture is a good way to focus the mind and will aid your meditation practice. Try yoga postures that will comfortably ease you into meditation, where most of your third eye healing is done.

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