Power Suits: Why Every Woman Should Own a Power Suit

the power suit- what a power suit can do and how it empowers women

Do you own a Power Suit? If you do, you go girl! If not, have a read and lets see if we can convince you to invest in one.

Dispelling Misconceptions of The Power Suit

While many might think that power suits are inherently masculine, and therefore not a good item of clothing for female empowerment, others believe that reclaiming this trend and making it suit (pun intended) us women is a way of taking back our place in society.

Making something that was originally not intended for us our own is an important symbol of achieving equality. Although not a very large one it must be said.

Another misconception is that suits can only be worn in the work place, but I’ll talk more about this later.

Ways to Wear a Power Suit

Wearing a suit does not have to be boring and ordinary. Florence Given (check her out if you haven’t!!) is just one of the many influential people who are wearing suits with bralettes as a fashion statement. 

Wearing a suit with a bralette underneath and nothing else is the perfect balance between risqué and professional and a definite way to make the female suit individual and striking. 

This is not the only way to wear one though. Of course there is the traditional blazer, shirt and tie combination which is a timeless classic. But why stop there? Where a waistcoat, or braces and be the suave empowered woman you are. I know that I feel fantastic whenever I wear a shirt and braces. 

You can customise a suit to every taste. Have a multi coloured one, or monochromatic, have it striped or polka dot. The possibilities are endless when it comes to the women’s power suit.

Not Just for Work

A common misconception is that power suits should only be worn in the workplace, or in a business environment as they are technically formal attire. But what is stopping you from taking the bolstering feeling of wearing one into your everyday life? 

Wear a blazer as a casual throw-on jacket, wear a suit while meeting with friends, or just do your weekly shop looking damn good. 

Suits can be worn in pretty much any situation. Other than maybe the beach… or in bed… but then again suit pyjamas are a thing, so nothing is stopping you there.

Power Suits in the Media

Many different high profile magazines and fashion companies have acknowledged the new trend of power suits in the last few years, for example, Vogue has promoted them with their influential models. 

This just shows how fashionable and trendy they are to wear. This also provides ideas on how to style them just for your taste.

Of course I must say that not everyone will find empowerment through wearing a female suit, but this is just a suggestion that you are all welcome to try out.

Anyway, what I’m trying to get at is that suits are outfits that can be worn wherever, whenever. Bring the empowering feeling into every aspect of your life.

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