Our Favourite Apps That Can Guide You Through The Hard Times 

The ever-growing focus on self-care and its importance has, thankfully, found its way onto the app market. Self-care has never been so easily accessible, and there are a number of different kinds of self-care apps including meditation-based, journal-based and fitness-based to choose from.  


Reflectly is a journal-based app, unique In its utilisation of artificial intelligence to help you formulate reflections upon how you feel on a daily basis and any troubles that you may be having. Reflectly looks into your predominant emotions throughout the day, encouraging explanations of these particular feelings and prompting thoughts regarding what could have made improvements to the day. Not only does the app offer a selection of pre-programmed answers to questions it asks, but it also allows you to write your own answers, meaning you can really explore the roots of your feelings rather than just stating them. Additionally, the app will send reminders to journal, making it even easier to remember to track your moods. 

Sanity & Self 

Sanity & Self is a guided self-care and wellness app that has a range of short, interactive sessions to take part in that cover things such as mindfulness, fitness and confidence. There are both audio and video sessions available, making the app as accessibly and easily usable as possible, whether you’re setting aside some time to watch a video or listening to an audio session whilst doing other tasks. 


Headspace is an app designed to teach you how to meditate. It is available in both free and premium editions, the free access includes a range of guided meditations covering themes such as falling asleep and introductions to meditation, with paying subscribers having a wider range of content available. Headspace provides an extremely accessible introduction to meditation, which has been proven to decrease stress and improve focus. You can set up notifications to ensure you keep on top of your daily meditation too. 

Gratitude Journal 

As you know we’re all for practising gratitude with our Selfish Darling gratitude journal but if an electronic version suits your life better then check out Gratitude journal. It is a virtual journal that encourages you to write 5 things you are grateful for each day. This app makes practicing gratitude regularly an easy thing to do, which has been shown to increase levels of happiness. You can even tag friends and locations as well as being able to add photos and share these with friends, which makes focusing on the things you are thankful for even easier to remember and look back on in your time of need. 


Happify allows you to track your overall happiness and changes in your mood over time, encouraging you to select goals, such a stress reduction, to focus on. Once you have selected your goals, Happify will provide straight-forward games and quizzes that aim to help you clarify and achieve them. 

Acupressure: Heal Yourself 

Acupressure offers more of a physical kind of therapy. Whilst going for a massage is almost guaranteed to relieve stress, it can also come with quite the price tag. Acupressure provides a range of self-massage techniques designed to relieve tension and stress, showing users how to correctly apply pressure to specific areas on the body, allowing stress-relieving massages to take place in the comfort of your own home whenever you have the time. 


Talkspace is an alternative to going for therapy. Whilst it comes with a weekly cost, it matches you with a licensed therapist who will provide you with text-based therapy, which is perfect for those too busy to go out to therapy and those who want to opt for something more convenient and subtle. 

Sanvello, former Pacifica 

Sanvello, former Pacifica is an app based on cognitive behavioural therapy, that focuses on helping its users deal with mental health difficulties including stress, anxiety and depression. Users can take part in guided relaxation exercises and can track their mood and thought over time with the goal of identifying triggers of negative thought patterns. 

These are our favourite apps for wellbeing, which one is yours? Let us know in the comment section below! 

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