Have you ever felt like life is just too hectic? Between work, family, friends and trying to lead a healthy life, sometimes it can seem impossible to stay on top of everything.  But there is a simple way to change all of that? We at Selfish Darling have created a Gratitude Journal to help every woman to live their best, most productive life using daily steps and tips to live a gratitude-filled life. There are a huge number of benefits when you begin to live a life full of gratitude for your blessings and we’ve got the best ones here for you.

You will open yourself up to new relationships

Keeping a Gratitude Journal doesn’t stop at being thankful for the big things in life.  Showing gratitude to people who do you even the smallest favour will instantly make you more approachable and likeable which will allow all kinds of new relationships to grow.

It will improve your physical health

Studies have shown that being a grateful person means that you will experience less physical pains than those who do not practice a gratitude-filled life.  This shows us how powerful our own minds are; positive mind equals positive body.

Practising gratitude will improve your mental health

When you live your life based on practicing gratitude you are letting go of a lot of negative emotions, particularly any envy or resentful feelings about other people’s lives.  When you are grateful for what you have, you will stop comparing yourself and your blessings detrimentally to others.

You will sleep better

Living a fast-paced life both professionally and personally can have a huge toll on the amount of sleep you get.  Taking a few minutes to jot down some things which you are grateful for before bed means that you calm down and go to bed with a grateful heart which has proven to help for longer and better sleep.

You will increase your self-esteem

Have you ever suffered from low self-esteem, comparing yourself to other’s achievements, often to your own disparagement?  Then you need to start using our gratitude journal, and focus on the things in your life that you are truly grateful for.  You will realise what amazing things you have in your life, building your self-esteem and confidence one small step at a time.

It will help you get through the tough times

It would be impossible for anyone to go through life without bad, sometimes traumatic experiences.  But practising gratitude really will help you cope with, and eventually get past, these tough times.  By using a Gratitude Journal, you will be able to remind yourself daily of all the people, places and things that make your world a better place.

Selfish Darling is committed to providing you the tools to live a gratitude-filled life, and our Gratitude Journal is a simple way to enhance it in all of these unexpected ways.  By changing your daily routine only slightly to include some gratitude and self-care, you are opening yourself up to reap mental, physical and emotional rewards time and again. What are you grateful for?

Selfish Darling Gratitude Journal, £24,99

Posted By  : The Hormona Team

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