Best Skin Saving Products This Winter- Our Top Winter Skincare Products

Best Skin Saving Products This Winter- Our Top Winter Skincare Products

I don’t know about everyone else, but come winter, especially in lag after all the Christmas excitement, my skin just seems to give up. Dry and spotty, the weather unhelpful and, I will admit, the diet doesn’t really help, and being stuck inside with grey skies and new comfy pyjamas, making your skin a priority might not be on your mind. So, to take some pressure off, here are some products, used by myself, that always seem to perk my skin up in one way or the other. All of these products, Darlings, are also cruelty free (since I know first-hand that finding cruelty free products that work and don’t bankrupt you can be a tad tricky at times). 

So here it is, Our Top Winter Skincare Products

Handy Gurugu, LUSH:

My hands like to dry so much they crack and bleed, an unpleasant image, I know but it’s real. Washing up, cold weather, hard water, all of it making them dry and painful. Handy Gurugu is a rich hand cream that never fails to gets my hands healed and soft again. 

Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula with Vitamin E (Original Solid Formula):

Palmers is, I think we all know, a well-established brand for fellow dry skin sufferers, and I have tried several of their products in my time. But the original solid formulas ticks all my boxes. It is, as the name would suggest, solid so you have to melt a little in your hands but for such a little pot it is very rich and very moisturising. A little goes a long way and it keeps you soft and supple for ages, perfect for every day and overnight use. I have itchy shins no more with this.  

Carmex Lip Balm:

I like the strawberry one, but to each their own. Whatever flavour and whatever formula you like, Carmex is a respected brand for healing and soothing dry and chapped lips, long lasting and noticeably effective. It saved my lips this winter in time to rock a festive red lipstick and, if you didn’t know, Carmex does not test on animals.  

Burt’s Bees Cleansing Towelettes:

Towelette sounds so much fancier than a wipe doesn’t it? These towelettes come in a range of scents and formulas to suit just about every skin type, and Burt’s Bees remains a staple in the bathroom cupboard of many a sensitive skinned lady out there. For my skin, which has a tendency to get nice and oily, the pink grapefruit works a treat for cleansing your skin without stripping it. And if you’re still in the aftermath, or limbo, of the festive season, or simply reluctant to get back into your full skin care routine just yet; sometimes all you really can be bothered to do is reach for a wipe. Save you skin and your time. And smell nice, too. 

Pink Peppermint Foot Cream, LUSH:

This is something I got for my mum, actually. She’s on her feet a lot and suffers from arthritis in her toes so I got her this in the hope that it would make a little difference. And, my friends, it does. Deeply moisturising, your feet are important too, the abundance of peppermint boosts circulation in your feet and keeps them warm in the cold and cold in the warm. So, a year-round product, but it’s on my list because it was a Christmas present. So, if your feet are suffering from dancing through New Years or a little bit battered from Boxing Day walks, give them a little love. Oh, and it really is pink. Very pink. Makes your feet smell great which is always a plus, I think we can all agree.  

Look after your skin darlings and it will look after you! 

Posted By  : The Hormona Team

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