7 Podcasts to Listen to in Your Spare Time

Podcasts to Listen

A good way to take some time off for yourself is by listening to a podcast to wind down. Recently podcasts seem to have become hugely popular and it’s clear why as you can listen to anything that interests you or suits your mood. Podcasts are free to listen to by subscribing to them on the podcast app which is downloadable on apple devices, or there are other apps such as Acast which can be downloaded in order to listen to hundreds of podcasts.

Here are just some podcasts that are great to listen to whether you want something to make you laugh or just as some relaxing background noise.

At Home With…

Hosted by online content creators Lily Pebbles and Anna Newton this podcast involves them interviewing a different guest each episode from the comfort of their home. The guest often takes them from room to room where they talk about the house and just have a general chat about their lives and what they get up to.

They talk to inspirational women from Liz Earle to Giovanna Fletcher; there are a whole host of amazing women to listen to. This podcast is great to listen to when you are after something calming. Listen here

The Habitat

This short podcast series is another good one to listen to for some escapism. It follows 6 volunteers who are living on a fake planet Mars, which is located on a remote mountain in Hawaii. The volunteers are completely cut off from the outside world for a year as they are working as imitation astronauts to help NASA understand what life might be like on Mars.

We listen to their highs and lows and their relations with each other. It’s fascinating to listen to as it follows a real representation of what it would be like to live on another planet. After finishing this you’ll wish there was more! Listen here

George Ezra and Friends

As most people are probably already aware, George Ezra has a wonderful singing voice and listening to him talk for an hour an episode on this podcast is no disappointment. He talks in depth with other musicians about their experiences of creating and performing music.

He talks to the likes of Ed Sheeran and Lily Allen and it is really interesting to hear them talk in a more relaxed style. This is great to listen to in your spare time as if George’s voice doesn’t relax you alone, the conversations are easy to become immersed in. Listen here

TED Talks Daily

For something a bit more educational and factual, TED Talks are a great thing to listen to. They have talks which discuss every topic imaginable, so you will definitely be able to find something to listen to that you are interested in or passionate about. Good as background noise or easy to get deeply immersed in, these talks are great to listen to. Listen here

Happy Place

For some truly uplifting conversation, Fern Cotton’s Podcast Happy Place is the one to listen to. She talks to guests such as Dawn French and Gok Wan about what happiness means to them. The conversation is very real and touches on some more sensitive issues, if you love a heart to heart style chat then this is the perfect thing to listen to. Read more

The Guilty Feminist

For a bit of feminine humour this is what you need to listen to. Comedian Deborah Frances-White talks with her guests each week about 21stcentaury feminist topics in front of a live audience. If it’s something light-hearted but relevant and relatable you want to listen to then this is the place to go. Listen here

The Food Medic Podcast

This is hosted by doctor, personal trainer, blogger and author, Hazel Wallace. She talks to experts who share evidence based around how to live healthier lives. Any myths about health are put to rest here as genuine advice is given on things like what to eat and how to look after your skin. This is great to listen to if you are looking for inspiration on how to lead a healthier lifestyle. Listen here

Once you get into listening to podcasts, you won’t be able to stop!

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