Top 5 Life-saving Self-help Podcasts of 2020

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Among the many recent health and wellness trends, there seems to be one key theme connecting them all. Nope! It’s not money, though the wellness industry is definitely booming. It’s becoming self-efficient, self-healing and self-loving. It’s self-help podcasts.

2020: the year for self-help?

2020 is the year of self-help. This year is all about discovering ways to make mental health treatments accessible to everyone. Whether that be through creating your own at-home gym, using AI therapists or dosing up on CBD products, finding a sound mind-body connection wherever and whenever you need seems to be the New Year’s Resolution of brands, businesses and people alike.  

Accessible isn’t always… that accessible

While having your own in-house hydro-bike or a cupboard full of plant-based anti-depressants sounds grand, for most of us, these are just luxuries we simply can’t afford. It seems accessible isn’t always… that accessible. 

That said, there are plenty of free and simple means available to help you find inner peace. Take your pick: there’s yoga, reading, long baths, walks in the park and… podcasts.   

Understandably, filling your head with voices to quieten your own internal critic may seem like you’re just covering up the problem, but there’s much more to podcasts than just drowning out the noise. 

Podcasts are a great way to keep you focused, improve your knowledge about different subjects – including how to manage your mental health – and can help to combat feelings of loneliness. According to a survey carried out by the British Red Cross and the Co-op, 9 million adults are plagued with a feeling of loneliness 

Podcasts are a great way to keep you focused, improve your knowledge about different subjects, and can help to combat feelings of loneliness.”

A potential lifeline? 

Sticking your earphones in for an hour might not sound like the panacea you’ve been looking for, but podcasts can be antidotal. 

Of course, they’re not replacements for IRL friends or therapists, but they can offer light relief from daily woes and alleviate feelings of stress and anxiety. The right podcast could provide you with comfort, a smile and maybe even a lifeline(!) depending on what you discover. 

Go on, enlighten yourself. Here are some podcasts to help you help yourself! 


5 life-saving self-help podcasts

1. A New Earth  

If you’ve ever found yourself in an existential rut, this one is definitely for you. Keep finding yourself in fiery debates about the meaning of life? Or in perpetual denial about who you are deep down? Oprah and Eckhart have the answers to your problems.  

The show breaks down the key themes of Eckhart Tolle’s eponymous global bestseller of the same name in a friendly, conversational way. While the two discuss pretty deep concepts about the ego, the self and consciousness, they do so in a way that is entirely inclusive and comprehensible.  

Not only will the duo revive a new zest for life within you by encouraging you to be more present, but you’ll no doubt feel much more zen after an hour of listening to their soft, calming voices. 

2. Happy Place  

Ever guilt trip yourself because you’re feeling down? Like… I have everything, so why am I so glum? Well, Fearne has got your back.   

First of all, it’s okay to not feel okay,  no matter how ‘blessed’ you may be in your life. Second of all, Fearne’s podcast is the most down to earth, endearing little series of chit-chat and conseils. Ideal for anyone looking for something simple yet uplifting; not too much information, but enough wisdom to inspire you nonetheless. 

3. You, Me and the Big C   

Justifiably, many of us are unwilling to talk about the disease because of how heart-breaking the topic can be, especially if you’ve been personally affected by it. This genius podcast put together by Rachael Bland, Deborah James and Lauren Mahon, aimed to take a more candid look at the big ‘c’ word. Rachael sadly passed away since producing the podcast but will be remembered for being the woman who changed the conversation around illnesses like Cancer.   

The podcast deserves a round of applause after each and every listen. All the episodes are truly heart-warming experiences, but be sure to have a box of tissues nearby…  

4. Feel Better, Live More  

This podcast aims to bring health and wellness back to basics. There are a gazillion different cures, creams and so-called correctives for your mental and physical health that sometimes you just feel swamped with choice. 

Life is complicated enough as it is, without the added stress of managing your health. Dr Chatterjee, therefore, provides simple, achievable tools to help you adapt your sleeping, eating and movement habits so you can feel better. This is a refreshingly balanced listen, full of no-nonsense yet empowering interviews, tips and tricks enabling you to live more. 

5. Power Hour  

Let’s face it, we could all do with a power hour. That’s not a power nap(!), though they’re pretty great too. Sometimes we just need a little boost to get us through the day. It’s not that we’re down in the dumps, we’re just a bit… meh.  

Leave it to Adrienne to relight your fire for fun and fulfilling challenges. In ‘Power Hour’, she picks the brains of leading coaches, entrepreneurs and game-changers to find out what rules they live by. If you’re looking for a little je-ne-sais-quoi to spur you towards your next success, this is definitely the podcast for you.  

Do you have a favourite self-help podcasts? Let us know below!


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