Getting Started: Bullet Journal Series

The Hormona Team

Why should you have Bullet Journals 

The main aim of a Bullet Journal is to keep your life organised as much as possible. If this sounds like something you could do with then read on to discover my tips for starting your own.

Bullet JOurnals – The Basics

In order to start a Bullet Journal you will need a notebook and a pen. These are the main staples for starting, however you can incorporate other stationery such as coloured pens and other arty things.


Generally for Bullet Journals, a dotted notebook is suggested. These allow you to write and draw on a page with useful guidelines that don’t draw the eye too much like lines or squares do. However you can of course use any notebook you wish. 

Notebooks with contents pages and page numbers are very useful in keeping track of all your pages. But these are not essential. 

If you can’t get a dotted notebook then I find that squares are better than lines as these allow you to draw more easily as well as have useful lines for writing.


There are infinite ways to customise and decorate your Bullet Journal. What with Washi tapes, stickers, stencils, coloured pens and drawings your Bullet Journal can be completely your own.

Washi tapes are a Bullet Journal staple as they allow for easy decoration and can come with all sorts of designs to suit everyones’ tastes.

Stickers can save time when laying out your page spreads as they mean that you don’t have to draw everything. 

Coloured pens and pencils can help bring colour and art into your Bullet Journals. They also allow you to colour code your tasks to make your organisation easier.

There are so many options when it comes to stationery. Get out there and start exploring different shops and websites to find the products that speak to you the most.

Play Around with Design

If you are an arty person or you just want some colour or design in your Bullet Journal then play around with it. Look on websites such as Pinterest and Instagram for inspiration. Doodle on some paper and design page spreads. Bullet Journals are fully customisable to your personality and tastes so make sure that yours is a representation of you and your interests.

Tailor To Your Needs

When planning your Bullet Journal you must not forget that it needs to work for you. It’s all well and good having lots of colourful stationery and a Pinterest board full of arty page ideas, but if these don’t work for you then you are not going to be able to maintain your journal and ultimately it will not be useful.

What Works for Me

For my Bullet Journals I buy the LEUCHTTURM 1917 B6+ softcover dotted notebook. They come in a variety of colours and are easy to organise.

I have a small Washi tape collection with different designs such as plants (I am a passionate plant lover) leaves and bold colours which I use to decorate my page spreads.

I use Zebra Mildliners to colour and decorate my Bullet Journal. I also use a fountain pen for general writing and calligraphy pens for headings and subtitles.

Final Thoughts

Ultimately all you need to start a Bullet Journal is access to a notebook and pen. From these basics you can develop your Bullet Journal to suit you. You can also gradually add different colours and designs as you go.

The Hormona Team

The Hormona Team

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