5 Hobby Recommendations for Quarantine 

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This is a period of uncertainty for all of us, with everyone’s quarantine being different. Many of us need to find ways to pass the time and keep busy. In this post I’ll go over the hobbies that I have tried incorporating into my quarantine routine, and hopefully you’ll find the suggestions helpful.

5 Favourite quarantine hobbies

Baking during quarantine

Before quarantine I never baked. I was convinced that it was a skill I would never learn, because the few times I had tried it before had failed. But I decided to give it another go and discovered that I wasn’t half bad at making cakes. Thus my baking hobby began.

Baking is a wonderful thing to do with your time. You learn a valuable skill, you keep your hands busy and at the end of it you have something that you can enjoy on your own or with others.

I find it the perfect thing to do when I am stressed and don’t know what to do with myself. It keeps my mind occupied for at least an hour and allows me to mentally reset. 

My favourite bakes are banana loaf (I know the quarantine cliche) and coffee cake. But there is a whole world of baking out there to explore. 

Reading more during quarantine

Reading has always been a big part of my life so there’s no surprise that it features heavily in my quarantine routine. It is the perfect hobby for this time as it allows you to escape into different worlds and ideas. With the world being so crazy this has never been more welcome.

I recently wrote a post on book recommendations for Spring which can be found here. Go and check it out and hopefully discover a book that will help you get through quarantine.

Gardening as a new quarantine hobby?

I have always recommended looking after plants as a way of improving ones mental wellbeing and that is a very important thing at the moment. Now we all have plenty of time to dedicate ourselves to getting into it in a bigger way. 

With the difficulties in going to the supermarket and the uncertainties with what you may find, now is the perfect time to start growing your own fruit, vegetables and herbs etc. Many local garden centres will be doing delivery as well as online shops. With these you will be able to get all the items you could need to start your own garden. I myself have started growing strawberries, mint, rosemary, peppers, dwarf beans and basil, many of which from seed. 

Of course many people may not have the garden space to make their own vegetable patches or herb gardens. But indoor gardening can be just as fruitful (pardon the pun). Most herbs can be grown in pots indoors on windowsills, as well as some salad leaves and vegetables.

Of course, gardening can be just as rewarding with flowers and plants that don’t produce food. Flowers bring colour and joy into homes and gardens and can help boost our moods.

Whether you have a big garden, a balcony or simply a windowsill, you can enjoy gardening as your hobby. 

Art it up

Art is a very broad term that covers many different activities such as painting, drawing, sewing, photography and many others. Any of these would be fantastic activities to enjoy during this period of lockdown. But I can personally recommend using watercolours and sketching. 

I used to love painting with watercolours, but I became too busy with my day to day life to set aside time in which to enjoy them. This time has provided me with the perfect opportunity to get back into them. 

I enjoy sketching the plants I have in my home and the plants I see on my walks. I then colour them with watercolours and display them on my walls or keep them in a sketchbook. 

Quarantine Cooking

This hobby recommendation my appear to be similar to baking, however I look at them as completely different activities. 

I have always enjoyed cooking, especially for myself. I enjoy exploring different cuisines and adapting recipes to suit my own tastes. This time has provided the opportunity for me to explore new recipes and has also inspired me to get creative with the ingredients I have in my cupboards. 

I highly recommend trying out new and exciting recipes that you would not normally attempt. Maybe have a ‘Come Dine With Me’ set up with the members of your household or host different themed nights. 

If you live on your own then now is the time to explore and develop your own tastes. Often when we cook for ourselves we struggle with spending time on it and opt for more simple recipes. But now is the time to invest in yourself and treat yourself.

What new hobbies have you incorporate during quarantine? Let us know!

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The Hormona Team

The Hormona Team

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