Explore the next chapter of female health.

Hormona’s is the first end-to-end solution that enables women everywhere to understand and live in harmony with their hormones.

We're putting you in control of your hormone health.

Hormones affect your physical and mental wellbeing at every stage of your life. But their behavior often remains mysterious. With the Hormona app, you’re in control of tracking and symptom records. Which means you get the data you need to make informed choices about your hormone healthcare.


A complete hormone
toolkit in one app.

Hormona is your own personal hormone assistant. Our app gives you personalized, evidence-based, scientific advice to help you better understand and live in harmony with your hormones. Track your symptoms, and get tailored tips and valuable insights into your hormonal health. Better living with healthy hormones is just a click away.

Stop guessing. Start tracking. Use Hormona's unique toolkit to record every symptom.

Regularly tracking a woman’s symptoms and cycle fluctuations can unlock valuable insights into her fertility, menstrual health, hormone issues and even perimenopause. With the help of hormone measuring and monitoring we can help you do just that. With the Hormona app you can track and record all your symptoms and get to know your individual cycle rhythm.


A one-stop-shop for all things related to hormonal health.

Discover your individual symptom patterns, how they’ll affect you and which symptoms are likely to appear during your next cycle – and when.

Learn how your cycle changes on a daily basis, alongside Hormona’s unique tips and advice for living your best hormone life.

Dive into the worlds of your endocrine system, menstrual cycle and hormones with our exclusive, expert-designed learning modules.

Access exclusive 12-week personalized programs, designed by experts, using the latest CBT, science and research.

By keeping detailed track of your period and cycle phases, we’ll let you know the length of your cycle and when your next period is due.

Access personalized recipes designed specifically for each cycle phase, and a shopping list for everything you’ll need at every stage.


By understanding their hormones, women can take proactive steps to improve their health and wellbeing.

The Hormona Library

Our Library is packed with personal stories and in-depth research-based features, alongside the latest medical and scientific discoveries in the worlds of hormone and reproductive health.

World’s first at-home hormone test for women, with results in 15 minutes.

Hormona’s one-of-a-kind hormone tests are a completely safe, accurate and pain-free way to test and monitor your hormones from the comfort of your own home. Our tests seamlessly integrate with the Hormona app, so you’ll already have all the equipment you’ll ever need to make regular hormone testing part of your everyday life.

With Hormona, you’ll know exactly what your hormones are doing, whatever the time of the month, and make the most of optimizing your life using your cycle phases. Feeling totally in control of your hormones starts here!

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