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Periods aren’t flexible; they arrive on your birthday, or the day you planned to wear a white skirt. They don’t take a break for holidays or your honeymoon. And just when you think you’ve got the hang of them – they change completely, stopping and starting at will, or introducing you to a new mood swings/spots/cramps as each year passes. We love it when we find an organic period product that is more flexible than our periods.

What is Yoppie?

Yoppie (short for your happy period) are tampons, liners and pads made with absolutely no nasties in them. So, not just biodegradable and completely natural, but made without chlorine bleach, harmful pesticides or fragrances. They’re also only tested on humans, so get a huge tick when it comes to no animal testing and zero cruelty to animals. To add to their eco-friendly credentials, they arrive by post in low-waste recyclable packaging that’s narrow enough to fit through your letter box (and is discreet but also pretty).

How do Yoppie’s Organic Period Products work?

The best bit for me, was I could synch the arrival of my Yoppie products, so they arrived just before my period each month. Shipping is free and you can cancel your subscription anytime without charge or pause if for example your period stops being so regular, or you become pregnant.


You can custom order what you usually use during your period – I tend to start with tampons when the flow is heavier and move to pads on the last couple of days, so I was able to order heavy flow organic tampons as well as day pads, which arrived just before my period was due.

Organic Period Products

  • Tampons – the tampons are non-applicator tampons and all organic. They come in three absorbencies – regular, super and super plus. They have fibre shield protection, preventing fibre loss inside the vagina and are made with absolutely no nasties in them.
  • Pads – the pads have wings to keep them in place and come in day and night absorbency. They also have a woven shield, preventing fibre loss, have a biodegradable leak-proof backing and are 100% certified organic cotton. Again, there are no nasties, fragrances or synthetics, so they’re great if you have allergies or become irritated by other period products.
  • Liners – The liners have a dri-protect topshield, to keep you dry and comfortable with a biodegradable leak-proof backing. They are completely natural with no nasties or irritable materials. Ideal for a very light flow, dealing with discharge, light bladder leakage or spotting.

Combo packs to match your flow

We all know periods change flow, starting heavy and petering off in the last couple of days. It can be annoying buying packs of sanitary products that we don’t get to finish; if you’re anything like me you’re left with odds and ends of packs with each period. Yoppie’s Combo packs are what I wish I’d had back when I was grappling with different period flows in my twenties. They come in a box of 18 non-applicator tampons and you can pick between a Lighter Combo (6 x regular, 6 x super, 6 x super plus), a Standard Combo (6 x regular, 8 x super, 4 x super plus) or a Heavier Combo (10 x super, 8 x super plus).

You can also get the pads in a combo pack of 6 x day pads and 6 x night packs.

The money bit

Most organic or ethical products tend to be more expensive than their earth-unfriendly counterparts, but Yoppie products are reasonably priced. It’s £3.80 for 18 tampons whether you’re buying one size or the combo packs and £2.80 for 14 liners. It costs £4.40 for day, night or combo packs of 14 pads and if you read on there’s a little treat that will definitely make this just as economical as normal period products!

What I thought of Yoppie’s Organic Period Products

I loved that I could schedule when my products arrived and synch them with my period. It stopped that last minute dash to the shops to buy tampons; which never seem to be organic and come wrapped in so much plastic. The combo packs are brilliant, and I found the tampons comfortable and labelled with the right absorbency for my flow. I also used both the day and night-time pads, which were comfortable and crucially, stayed in place. They were also thin to wear, so you almost didn’t feel you were wearing a pad.

I’ve felt guilty for years about period product waste, so finding products that contain no nasties and aren’t wrapped in layers of unnecessary plastic is a massive plus. Being able to order them to arrive each month means it’s one less thing to think about and I’m not left buying products in an emergency that aren’t great for the environment or my body.

What my teenage daughter thought of Yoppie’s Organic Period Products

My friends and I are very conscious of reducing the plastic we use, and most period products aimed at teenagers come in brightly coloured plastic packaging. The discreet packaging of Yoppie was great – it’s not always easy when they are packed in your school bag! I found the tampons easy to use and the pads were thin, so you didn’t feel or hear them rustling when you walked. The labelling worked well both in terms of the flow and having pads that were specifically for day or night. When you first start your period it can be really tricky knowing what to use as you move through your cycle.  All the teenage girls I know use apps to track their next period, so synching Yoppie products to arrive just before your period was the best bit.

give yoppie a try

For more information about how Yoppie works or to order, visit Yoppie.com. If you’re interested to try Yoppie out discount code selfishdarling will give you 30% off your first subscription order!

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