Womanology – A Product Review

The Hormona Team

Today we’re looking at some of the lovely products from Womanology and I have to say I absolutely love these products! From the self-love potions to the cleansing oils, they are just beautiful. You know we talk a lot about self-love but these products take your self-love journey to another level entirely.

Womanology – what is it and what do they do?

“Womanology is devoted to women’s wellness products designed by women in harmony with the female body and the curative properties of the natural world.”

They handcraft all of their products in small batches with passion, love, care and purpose in their London Studio. And stay that “Womanology was founded to heal and inspire women of all ages. Simply, we want women to be heard, seen, understood, respected and connected.”

As beautiful as these potions are I also love the philosophy behind the making of them. We should be embracing our bodies and practising self-love and have to wonder why we aren’t! This beautiful box of joy turned up and I couldn’t wait to try them out.

The Self-love potion no.3

I first tried the Self-love potion no.3. A balm to use with your menstrual cycle. It is formulated to be used on your period to help soothe cramps, warm the abdomen and help you relax, ground and connect with your intuition. Me, like so many women, suffer from menstrual cramps, lower back pain a few days before my period, all the usual suspects accompany my monthly cycle. So I was keen to try this product first.

A few days before my period was due, I used this balm by massaging it into my abdomen, just the thing after a relaxing bath. It felt like butter and just melted on contact with my skin, leaving it soft and moisturised. Most importantly it really helped to alleviate the symptoms I usually get. I took the time to make it a relaxing, therapeutic experience and taking time just for me, and it smells gorgeous too. I definitely noticed a difference and found that I didn’t have to take painkillers like I normally do.

The Self-love no.2 balm

The Self-love no.2 balm’s purpose is to help women re/connect emotionally, energetically & physically with their womb-space and to heal the relationship they have with their bodies. It has key benefits such as “Calming, womb healer, brings you back into your body”. This balm was also a saviour.

I used this on my abdomen and breasts, and also on my pulse points and temples as well during meditation, and I just have this overwhelming sense of calm. It’s a subtle scent but very powerful. It is a wonderful texture and just melts into the skin. I use these every day, even just applying the balm on the insides of my wrists whilst I am working, just helps me to take a deep, calming breath and focus.

The Self-love no 1.  Balm

The Self-love no.1 was an important one for me. I am on a very personal, huge healing journey of self-love, and was learning to re-connect and listen to my body, after discovering some painful childhood memories. So the description that followed the Self-love no.1 balm ” We strongly believe that we store trauma within our bodies and certain experiences, like growing up in shame about our bodies & sexuality, sexual trauma, abuse, pelvic pain & difficult birth (to name a few), can lead us to disconnect from pleasure and make us feel uncomfortable with our sexuality. ” really resonated with me.

I used this balm everywhere, my whole body, erogenous zones, breasts, pulse points, abdomen, full body massage, and noted how my body felt. Usually, I would light some candles, listen to relaxing music and really just take the time for me. It made me do some amazing leaps into my healing. Using this balm just made it so much more sensual to touch yourself, it makes it pleasurable.

Womanology – Essence

Every time I used these balms I used them with the Self- love Essence no.2. I love a mist or spray, and this is great to use in your space around you. I especially used this when meditating and would spray it on or around me on a daily basis.

Womanology – Oils

The oils are also wonderful. I love a good oil and I love how it feels on the body. The first one I tried was the Soothe & Nourish. Using it in the shower and I also used it for shaving and any irritation. This leaves your skin feeling wonderfully soft and really does soothe any irritation. It has a delicateness to it and smells delicious too.

The Sensitive cleansing oil has no nut or essential oils in it. All the ingredients are calming and soothing to the skin. As a woman, we can all suffer from irritation and itching and changes in our hormones, but these products are just amazing at healing any irritability.

The Prepare Elixir is wonderfully healing, containing Sea Buckthorn fruit oil, that works amazingly in the healing process and with skin cell regeneration. This oil is also an excellent moisturiser and it leaves your skin feeling lovely and soft. I absolutely love them all and have integrated them into my daily routine. 

My thoughts on the Womanology products

I love the fact that they don’t interrupt your natural flora and fauna and work with the body and intimate area. They all leave your body feeling so soft and moisturised. The smell is amazing and not overpowering, it is subtle and delicate. The ingredients are things like shea butter, wonderful oils like macadamia, jojoba & argan oil, that are just so nourishing. Delicious smelling essential oils like soothing chamomile and calming lavender along with beautiful rose oils make these products just amazing. I cannot sing their praises enough.

We should all take the time to explore our bodies and take journey’s of self-discovery and definitely self-love. I think this is so important, to get on touch with yourself, literally! So many women are embarrassed to discuss their bodies and I don’t know many people who like everything about themselves. But I do believe we should be proud of our bodies, a woman’s body can do and create amazing things, but sometimes it does get irritable and I love how these products can soothe and calm.

Using these oils, potions and balms are a fantastic way to explore your body. So many women feel disconnected from their bodies, so why not discover them all over again, learn what arouses you and turns you on. There is absolutely nothing wrong with a damn good orgasm!

We spend so much time and money on our hair and make up, now its time to look after ourselves and intimate health more. I really cannot recommend these products enough. I am so pleased and grateful that they are out there and so much care, thought and attention has gone into them and you can tell they come from a place of love with a genuine need to help.

To give you the opportunity to discover these amazing products for yourself, the ladies over at Womanology have kindly given us a discount code for you to use. SELFISH15 gives you 15% off your order so go on and try these products out for yourself and embark upon that journey of self-love and healing!

The Hormona Team

The Hormona Team

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