Wellness. On the Golden shores of Australia and New Zealand, Wellness is no longer a #Hashtag, it’s a way of life. Though oceans away, Social Media, Community pop ups, Festivals, and a generational blend of millenials and grey haired influencers are changing the way we look at Wellness in the Western world. It’s known that true Wellness and the search, leading to the eventual realization, has roots deep in Asian culture.

The meaning translates through old language to modern, and has been condensed into one sentence. According to the Oxford Dictionary : Wellness is; the state of being in good health. So we have the meaning, it’s easy enough to Google. But what about beneath that, are we really taking charge of our own Wellness? Are we really in good health, mind, body and soul?

The most important thing to realized, is this;

Wellness is not a privilege. It is for everyone, and anyone, the only limits are the ones we allow to be put in front of ourselves and others.

Let that sink in for a moment. You do not have to have a wealthy lifestyle, or live a stones throw from the Beach, or Yoga Studio, to attain Wellness in your life. Whatever you’re doing now, reading this article with the sounds of the Ocean nearby, or on the commute with your fave song on repeat, you are taking responsibility for your Well Health. How? By being aware of it! Once you are aware of your Mental Health, and the way those marbles may or may not get lost at times, you’re more than halfway there!

No it isn’t all rainbows and easy times, learning the value of your Wellness takes time. Actually, you have to make time for it.

Three Ways to Wellness

Go for a walk, everyday

Walking, at your own pace, in a place where you feel safe, at peace is important. Why? Because your body needs movement! Your brain functions better when there is blood flowing and fresh air moving through it. This is, and I kid you not! A vital activity to do if you’re feeling stressed, drained or just plain done. Honestly, not only will you get to know your local area better, the walks you have will help you clear the cobwebs and enjoy the outdoors in a different light


Eat Well. Drink A lot.

Eat what? How much? How often? Drink? Alcohol? Water? The answers to those questions are endless. I tell you this fellow human, if your body is telling you to eat, then eat! Too much of anything will leave with a bad taste so be confident in how well you know yourself and your body. Take a moment to really enjoy what your eating, whether you’ve tried your hand in the kitchen or eating out, enjoy it. Drink lots of water. You are basically a plant, darling, keep yourself hydrated!


Techno Cleanse

Look Up from your Commute. Everyone on the phone? Yes? Take note. What happened to that book you’ve been meaning to read? Or that doodle you’ve been doodling for weeks now? Everyday, even if it’s just little by little to start with, put your phone down. Away from you. Away from the area in which you’re going to relax. Text messages? Calls? Insta? (if they’re not urgent) they can wait! It will be okay.


Take Yourself on a Date

Okay now that’s four things, but we’re on a roll here. There is a moment in every woman’s life, where we realise who we are, what we’re about, and who we want in our lives – our out ha! This realisation, comes only from knowing yourself. To know yourself, you need to spend time with yourself. A coffee or hot cuppa, just before you start your day. You can have it at home, but why not take yourself to that cute café you walk past everyday? Dinner, take a book, find a place where you feel at ease, and eat. Alone. The possibilities really are endless, the only limit is your imagination!

And there we have it! A somewhat condensed, but realistic first step to understanding Wellness and what it means for you. Now, what are you waiting for? Go outside and live, darling!


By Zarah Henderson


Posted By  : The Hormona Team

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