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Why quick-fix diets don’t work

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How many quick-fix diets have you tried? One, two, three, more? And have you learned anything from those experiences?

Magazines and social media are full of so-called influencers plugging the latest miracle quick-fix diet. But whether it’s ‘drop a dress size in 7 days’ or some vile shake diet one thing is constant, they may be like Ronseal and do what they say on the can, but believe me darlings, the moment you come off them the weight will pile back on.

And the marketers know this, that’s why the global weight management (that’s diet to you and me) industry is estimated to be worth $288.25 BILLION by the end of this year!!!

The yo-yo effect OF QUICK-FIX DIETS

Quick-fix diets are like a yo-yo, and the one thing we can all learn from the humble yo-yo is that what goes down will always come back up and then repeat the cycle ad infinitum until finally it runs out of steam! Is that what your relationship with food is like?

Let’s face it, at one stage or another we’ve all done a quick-fix diet to lose a couple of kilos. So we cut out all the tasty stuff, that we know is really bad for us, but we just can’t help ourselves, and munch away on vile celery which, random factoid alert, actually takes more calories to chew than it actually contains!

Some of us may have had to take drastic action and go to one of the many slimming clubs, to get help and lose weight to fit into that amazing outfit, or rock the beach look.

And when you’ve been on that diet, how many of you have reached your target weight and looked, and more importantly FELT FABULOUS?

Now for the crunch question, how many of you, when you reached your target weight then resumed eating as you did before you dieted?

Come along now, I’m sure there’s a few more hands need to go up!

And did you all find that you ended up back where you were when you first started the diet, plus a few more pounds?

So what did you do?

That’s right, you tried yet another diet plan, because clearly the first one didn’t work?

And so it continues, ad infinitum.

See, the yo-yo effect. And what did we learn? Absolutely nothing, because when we reached the start, i.e., back where we started, we launched into yet another diet.

It’s time to throw the yo-yo away!

At some point in our lives, we need to realise that for weight-loss to stay off, WE need to change. Not just what we eat but our whole lifestyle.

We need to forget fad quick-fix diets, and realise that if we want to lose weight, we don’t need to watch points, eat so many calories, etc., all we need to do is eat a balanced healthy diet and most importantly exercise.

I wrote an earlier article about intuitive eating, which is all about redefining out love affair with food. Rather than having strict rules on what you can and can’t eat, there are no rules to intuitive eating, no guidelines, no calorie counting, no foods off limits, no starving and no binging, simply the idea that you eat what you want when you’re hungry and stop when you’re full.

So yes, you can have a slice of cake, just not 6!


At the end of the day, you are the only person who can lose weight, it will not happen instantaneously and it does involve a permanent lifestyle and mind-set change, not just a temporary one!

Have you been a yo-yo dieter? Did you manage to stop the yo-yo?

Let me know in the comments.


Until next time darlings.



Posted By  : Claire Millins

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