Why Everyone Should Live in Scotland At Least Once

Tired of your 90 minute commute every morning and evening? Done with sky high rents and £6 pints? Feeling envious of that one friend who’s moved up north and has actually managed to put down a deposit on a flat before their 30th birthday? Why not think about moving to Scotland? Here are 7 reasons why you should seriously consider making the move to Caledonia.

1. More Affordable

Of course the cost of living in the Scottish cities is much more affordable than down in London. Renting a city centre double room in Glasgow can be found for as low as £350 a month – just think about how much you could do with the savings made here! It’s a similar story when it comes to eating and drinking; it’s just £3.79 a pint in Glasgow (in 2019) compared with a hefty £5.18 in London – those coins all add up!

2. Friendlier People

This is slightly more subjective than my first point, however I have found it to be implicitly true. Heading out on a night in Scotland you will find that people are much more likely to strike up a conversation with a stranger than down south. In a time when loneliness is reaching epidemic proportions in the UK, affecting around 1 in 4 people, it’s never been more important to ensure you create meaningful friendships.

3. The Fringe

Whilst Edinburgh has a multitude of things to offer all year round, it is August when the city reaches its full potential. Every year Edinburgh is taken over for 4 weeks by two famous arts festivals; the Edinburgh International Festival and the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Whilst the experience itself is unique, it’s also an excellent chance to network and make friends.

4. Glasgow’s Music Scene

It’s never been truer that you don’t need to be in London to be a part of the thriving British music scene. In particular, Glasgow is home to some of the best music venues in the world; King Tut’s Wah Wah Hut has always been at the forefront of the British music scene and is famous for being the place where Oasis were signed back in 1993 whereas Barrowland Ballroom is internationally famous for its acoustics and sprung dance floor.

5. Public Transport

The subway in Glasgow is £1.55 per journey whereas the bus system in Edinburgh is just £1.70 for a single journey; compare this with £2.40 for your tube ride back in London. The largest city in Scotland is around 600,000 people which means your commute just became 10x more enjoyable.

6. The Accent

In my opinion there is no better sound to surround yourself with than the Scottish accent; the elongated o sound has a beautiful melody to it that I’ll never stop finding charming. However, both Glasgow and Edinburgh are so multicultural that every time you step out your front door you’ll find people chatting in accents from all corners of the globe.

7. The Highlands

No matter where you are in Scotland you are never far from the stunning natural beauty of the Highlands. A short car journey can immerse you in a world that seems out of time; ancient mountains, mysterious lakes and skies that never end. What better place to get away from your busy life and find some calm?


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