Why Every Girl Needs Her Girl Tribe

The Hormona Team

They say behind every strong woman is her tribe of fellow strong women. So what is it about healthy female friendships which are so powerful for our inner strength and self-love?

The girl tribe: dissected

Girls are a complex species. While we’re prone to some feminine competition – we are also intrinsically fiercely loyal to our girl tribe. Once we shake off this societal pressure to see other women as threats, our natural instinct is to love one another. Celebrate one another. Support one another. Empower one another.

Once we tap into this female power, our female friendships become unstoppable forces for good. Had a breakup? Job rejection? Something didn’t go quite as you wanted?

Your girl tribe will have your back.

Female friendship has been the bedrock of women’s lives since the beginning – especially back when marriages were purely economic agreements. Emotional support fell on the lap of female friends.

And while romantic relationships are kind of a thing now, female friendships are still irreplaceable when it comes to a woman’s emotional fulfillment and sense of self-worth.

What is it about female friendship that’s so important?

The men in our lives may not fully understand the inner mechanics of the girl tribe. Sure, they have their guy groups but – this isn’t quite the same. Unlike most male equivalents, not only are we able to open up about our feelings – including each and every hope, dream, doubt, and insecurity –  but we love it.

What better way to strategize a challenge, revel in a win, or recover from a setback than to offload everything onto your girl tribe?

Not only will they celebrate your successes with you, but they will reassure you that you did the right thing, that things will get better, or simply offer you a shoulder to cry on, and let you know that they’re there for you?

This femininity-fuelled human connection at its most basic form cannot be understated.

Men generally prefer to spend their time together bonding over a specific activity – such as playing video games or sports (some call this shoulder-to-shoulder rather than the female choice for face-to-face bonding). Although women, of course, engage in this type of bonding too, most women will agree that to really feel close to a friend, it’s through heartfelt and honest conversations.

While men often try to hide any vulnerability, insecurity, or self-doubt from their male friends, women tend to openly admit these alleged weaknesses to their girl tribe – which can be both therapeutic and empowering – as any good female friend will step up to the mark and build you up in the way that she knows you need it.

So here’s to the girl tribe

Never underestimate the power of your fellow females. We need each other – through the good times and the bad.

After all, sometimes all you need is to feel supported by people who understand you; Who know about all your mistakes, but love you anyway.

Sure, you can get this from family, partners, and other types of relationships – but the solidarity of a girl tribe is an unmatched force!

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The Hormona Team

The Hormona Team

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