What is Sage Burning and Why Should You Try It? How Sage Burning Can Improve Your Health

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Sage has been used in medicinal practices across the world for centuries. Taken from the Latin word ‘salvia’ meaning ‘health’, it’s no wonder that sage is such a widely recognised herb. With a long history in Egypt, Rome and Greece for its internal benefits, and traceable across the world amongst the Native Americans, Celtic Druids and Amazons, what is it about this simple garden herb that makes it such a poignant and useful thing?

Why is Sage So Useful

Many believe that the acids and compounds in sage are what make it so beneficial. With phenolic and flavonoid compounds and rosmarinic and carnosic acids, sage is thought to have an antioxidant effect and reduces free radicals in the body.

Ways To Use Sage

Internal Use of Sage

Taken internally, as a liquid, lozenge or tablet, sage is thought to reduce inflammation, relieve pain, protect against bacterial and viral infections, help with chronic diseases and acts as a supplement for digestion. It is also widely regarded to provide protection against memory loss, showing up in Alzheimer research, clear the mind and is believed to help reduce depression, stress and anxiety.

It is the latter of these uses that makes it so much for well known in today’s age.

External use of sage

Sage Burning

Burning, or smudging, sage, has been used amongst cultures with a spiritual sanctity similar to incense in Buddhist temples or frankincense and myrrh in Catholic Mass. It is thought to cleanse and purify, releases negative energies and as such, can improve moods and emotions. Often used in association with sacred spaces and meditation, there is no reason why you cannot bring sage smudging into your own home as a way to care for your health and your home at the same time. Believed to have antimicrobial properties, sage is good for keeping away fungi, viruses and bacteria, and is an easy and affordable way to purify and improve air quality.

Benefits of sage burning

With its many healing properties and mental cleansing, burning sage is also thought to improve the quality of your sleep, leading to overall better mental and physical health. Whether it’s the sage’s healing power itself, or simply the act of the ritualistic, clearing your headspace and providing a sense of calm, the many benefits of sage burning cannot be easily ignored.

The Celtic Druids burned sage along with oak moss, and there are many today who combine their sage with other herbs and flowers, blending crystals and essential oils into their rituals. But a ritual need only be as elaborate as you want.

Something to try after cleaning, to give your home an extra loving touch, when ill to help clear away microbes and improve your mood, woven into your self-care routines as a weekly nurturing or to help release negative energies for mediation; there is a way for everyone to bring sage into their lives, and there is a world of help out there for novices.

People with asthma or other breathing difficulties should take care when sage burning and be sure to keep an eye on any pets in the house too.

Have you tried sage burning ? If so let us know your experience in the comments below!

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The Hormona Team

The Hormona Team

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