What is Law of Attraction and Manifesting?

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What is the law of attraction and how do you manifest what you want? Surely you’ve heard about law of attraction and manifesting by now? This post dives into it properly and tells you everything you need to know.

“Thoughts become things. If you see it in your mind, you’ll hold it in your hand.” – Bob Proctor

What is the Law of attraction?

There has been so much written about this in recent years, and it has become hugely popular. So what exactly is it? Universal law states that “like attracts like”. That you attract what your own energy is putting out there. Whether you believe it or not, it is happening! It’s a Universal Principle.

Can you manifest anything?

Based on your thoughts and actions, can you just manifest anything? Well, yes and no. No, if you aren’t going to get up and do positive stuff. You have to learn to shift into a more positive way of thinking. That doesn’t mean that if you think of a million pounds it will just appear in your life, it’s not quite how it works.

People want to use the Law of Attraction for many different reasons, money, love & relationships and health. Whatever your reasons are, take the time to think about them.

Just by “wanting” something creates a sense of lack. If you focus on what you don’t have your energy and vibration goes to “wanting”, not the most positive place to be. It means you are missing something.

Be clear about what you want. Really spend time with yourself, think of your goals and dreams, and your life. Think about what it is you actually really want.

Steps to Law of Attraction

1 – Positivity – Being positive doesn’t mean you avoid the bad and the negative, with the good also comes the bad. This also doesn’t mean you have to walk around being ridiculously cheerful either. How you react to the negativity is what matters!

2- Do things you love – By doing what you love will your energy and vibration. It doesn’t have to be big, just something small, that you enjoy doing.

3 – Gratitude Journal – Appreciate what you have. We’ve said this so many times. It doesn’t have to be a grand gesture, it can be something so simple.

4 – Meditation – This is a quick way to raise your energy and vibration. Again it doesn’t mean you have to sit crossed-legged on the floor for 2 hours. Get into the habit of practising for at least 10 minutes a day.

5 – Love yourself – Let the past go, embrace the failures and mistakes, accept no one is perfect. Don’t dwell on what is behind you, learn to love who you are. If you think you don’t deserve it, you’re not going to get it.

6 – Visualize your life – Take a few moments to see the life you want, what will it look like, what do you want in it. Get a clear vision of what you want. Act like you already have it. This may seem a little strange, but it will help you feel the gratitude for the life you want. So go on, let your imagination run free in the life you want.

7 – Write down your goals – This will help you clear your mind and take action, put things into place. It will also help you decide what you actually want. Be specific though!

These are just a few ideas, to get you started. But also remember free will. You can attract whatever you like, but if it goes against someone else’s free will, it will have consequences. You can’t make someone do what you want them to do!

Law of attraction and manifesting

Don’t always expect overnight results. You may see things start to happen immediately and sometimes it takes a little bit more time. If you start to let fear or doubt back in, remind yourself you deserve this, practice self-love. Remember to practice gratitude and appreciation. Stay positive! Try creating a vision board. Put on it things you desire, your dream house or car. Go through magazines keeping pictures or images of what you want. Every day you can look at this board to remind yourself of what you are trying to attract and manifest into your life.

The Importance of positivity

One of the main points in the Law of Attraction and manifesting is positivity. If you’re constantly focusing on the negative side of life, then you will attract negative energies, and create more negative energy into your life. Far too much negativity for me! Try and stay positive, think positively, don’t think the worst. This does take some practice, but keep trying, it is so worth it. Remember, you may not have control of your circumstances, but you do have the control of how you react to them.

A positive attitude is not just wandering around smiling at everybody and everything. You have to work on your gratitude. Be grateful for what you have and be grateful for what you believe you will have. Instead of focusing on what you don’t have, focus on abundance and your gratitude for that. Law of Attraction and Manifesting is about staying focused on your goals. Try not to focus on how frustrating it is to not have what you want.

It’s not magic

Also, you might not get exactly what you wished for. Thing’s don’t always magically appear. It’s possible you may get a version of what you wanted. You cannot control the outcome, you can’t force things to happen. You have to trust and rely on the universe and know that it has your best interests at heart. The plan you had in mind for yourself might not actually be what is best for you, so the universe will give you a slightly different version.

Start with daily positive affirmations, and keep going. You can’t achieve your goals and dreams by not doing anything, so start taking some positive steps in the right direction, and slowly start to manifest what you want, rule out what you don’t and keep going.

I hope you try it, would love to hear any amazing success stories from you!

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