What is a Wunda Chair and is it the Best Way to Step Up Your Pilates Game? 

wunda chair

Wunda Chair for Pilates?

If you are serious about looking after your body in a sensible and healthy way then it might be time you tried out pilates. This physical fitness system ‘aims to strengthen the body in an even way, with particular emphasis on core strength to improve general fitness and wellbeing’ (www.nhs.co.uk). Whereas workouts that involve activities like strenuous jogging can have terrible effects on your joints, Pilates develops whole-body strength which reduces the risk of injury.  

Pilates is practised worldwide and you can find classes on offer at any decent gym, but what if you prefer to work out at home? Enter the Wunda Chair.   

What is a Wunda Chair?

This piece of resistance equipment named a Wunda chair was designed by none other than Joseph Pilates himself in the 1930s to help his students during their workouts in his New York City studio. Essentially, it is a box with one wall that is attached to two springs so that it can be moved up and down with varying degrees of resistance.  

image from www.studiomix.com
Image from www.studiomix.com

Why is the Wunda chair so great?

Whilst the Wunda Chair might seem like a simple piece of equipment, it can facilitate countless different exercises, many of which will strengthen your core, meaning your workouts just got more exciting!   

Wunda Chair exercises

There’s a myriad of exercises you can do with a Wunda Chair but some of our must haves are:

1. The Wunda Chair Push Down

Take a step back from the Wunda Chair so you’re about a foot away. Lean forward and round out your back to form an upside down U, place your hands on the bar and push down while ensuring your lower body remains still.

2. The Wunda Chair Pull up

Step on to the bar so it’s at the pad of your foot. Lean forward, again creating an upside down U shape while placing your hands at the edge furthest away from you. now the movement is in the lower body wile your upper body remains fixed.

Both the Push Down and the Pull Up are great ways to reinforce the round shape. Use them to improve your Elephant and Knee Stretches on the Reformer or improve the lying-down-counterpart of The Push Down, the Roll Up on the mat.  Further the The Pull Up can improve your work on the Snake/Twist on the Reformer.

3. The Wunda Chair Spine Stretch Forward

Sit in front of your Wunda Chair, one leg placed straight either side creating a V shape. Scoop your stomach in, lower your head and reach forward placing your hands on the bar.

4. The Wunda Chair Teaser

Just as you would a normal teaser form your body to a V with the chair behind your legs. Stretch your arms out and forward placing your hands on the bar either side of your legs. Use the bar to stabilise you and then use your abdominal muscles to close the spring in the bar with control.

Wunda chair design

The compact design of the chair means that it can fit in even the smallest of city apartments and is the perfect choice for those of us who don’t have time to get to the gym every day.  

The minimalist design means that this chair won’t just improve your fitness regime, it will be a stylish addition to your home (and it can be used as a regular chair!)  

The Wunda Chair is perfect for beginners and experts alike so there is no risk of outgrowing it.  

How much is a Wunda Chair?

Retailing at around £800 this is an investment piece, but can you really put a price on health and style?  

Here are some of our favourite Wunda chair books that will guide you through all the different exercises you can do on the Wunda Chair.

p-i-l-a-t-e-s Instructor Manual Wunda Chair Levels 1 and 2

The Pilates Wunda Chair

Ellie Herman’s Pilates Wunda Chair

How do you like to workout? Leave a comment below!  

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