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We are glad that conversations around psychical and mental wellness are helping women notice when they are not okay while feeling supported and comfortable enough to make positive changes to fulfil the life they deserve. If you are not doing enough for yourself in the name of wellness then, where were you? Here are some wellness tips to help you on the way.

First of all, it is fine, you were busy but now you are here and willing to start adding these little wellness things to your life you have been meaning too. Think of these as good-ness you are testing out for thoughtful potential gifting should you choose.

Our Wellness Tips

It is Facial o’clock time


Relax you wouldn’t have to book an appointment for this kind of facial. You have your ride and die, not “or die” because you will be together forever, skincare products or multiples in a rotation should you be a bit of product junky.

One brand you should not skip is Evolve Beauty and their GET UP AND GLOW that is like giving yourself a personal facial to glow up your pamper routine. If you don’t have a pamper routine already this will create to start creating the perfect one. Evolve Beauty harness the power of natural ingredients to prove you can have great skin without toxins. Their personal touch of making products in small batches is enough to let you know you’re being taken care of personally.

This box set includes everything for a complete 4-step routine from the Gentle Cleansing Melt–not harsh at all- to the Miracle Mask which is packed with Fruit AHA to give a gorgeous radiance to your skin. Not forgetting their face and eyes Hyaluronic serums designed to help and work with your skin. Their powerful ingredients of Fruit acid extras will relax your skin to help it get to its best glow.

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The glow from within


To get the perfect glow it is beneficial to start from within. Your gut health contributes a lot to how healthy your exterior will appear. This is including how hydrated your skin looks even down to the balancing of your hormones which if out of whack can affect your mental health.

Sarah’s Day Body Bloom was created by Youtuber Sarah Day following her channel’s message of a healthy lifestyle filled with self-care and the belief in being able to heal your body with nutrient-dense whole foods. Sarah’s Day Body Bloom  is formulated to help feed your gut Prebiotics and Probiotics to encourage the healthy bacteria that should be there with added ingredients to encourage great hair and skin for the perfect glow.

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PMS is no joke


Our partners can laugh at how unusually interesting it is how we change around PMS time like a switch was flipped. They wouldn’t ever understand how removed from yourself some of us can feel during PMS.

To help ride it out to feel well refreshed when you reach the other side Therapie have designed a kit to soothe each aspect of PMS. A lovely scented Purge Foot Bath to relieve the water retention bloat as it pools in your feet. To a calming SOS PMS Support Essence that will quell your mind as you enjoy a bath with their Cocoon Bath Oil. After you can add further relief with their Soothe PMS Relief Oil. A heavenly way to take PMS from a turbulent time to an excuse for a pamper session a wellness tips we feel is definitely worth remembering.


Not everyone can ingest painkillers during this time nor the scent of some topical treatments when on the go. To relieve cramps on the go these wonderful patches are a great way to help with the cramps without stopping you from being you.

After all, nothing should stop you from being you and your wellness is of the utmost importance to you.

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There you go, our top female wellness products that are worth gifting 🙂

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