We Only Have One Planet (And Face): How You Can Protect Your Skin From Pollution

The planet is in pretty bad shape and pollutant gases are becoming the new oxygen. While Climate Change sizes up to much greater problems than just your complexion, you shouldn’t be sacrificing yourself to the changing world we live in. If you are doing your bit for the world, why shouldn’t you be doing a bit for yourself, too?

This is especially true considering the effects of pollution on our skin are much more dire than we see at first glance. Take it from King’s College London: Oxford Street doesn’t just house our favourite brands, its also brimming with some of the worst pollution in the world. And while we may leave with a few too many shopping bags, we might be leaving with much more.

Pollution particles have a nifty way of infiltrating the deeper layers of our skin due to their small size. This can in turn cause dehydration, a loss of firmness, as well as uneven skintone, and premature aging, and none of these are suitable hashtags for any post. But have no fear; pollution isn’t just the buzzword of basically every government press conference.

It’s starting to fill up our Sephora baskets. It turns out that we spent £1.15 billion on facial skincare in 2017, and our obsession with buying new moisturisers is only set to rise. If you want to stop pollution impacting your dewy finish, make room on your bathroom shelf for some of these new goodies.

Your skin needs some serious cleansing

If it isn’t a part of your daily routine, then it should be. Cleansing gently removes the impurities from our complexion, and prepares our skin for the products soon to follow. And no other time is a good cleanse needed then when you’ve been surrounding by car fumes and city life.

To ensure you are removing the pesky pollutants, try targeted cleansing: Clarins Extra-Comfort Anti-Pollution Cleansing Cream is designed to keep your skin clear of all climate change related damage, and keeps your complexion clean. Or, if you’re feeling extra, dabble in double cleansing: this involves an oil and a foam cleanse, ensuring that deep clean with a gentle feel. By keeping your cleanse game up, you can let the products you lather on do their best job.

Clarins Extra-Comfort Anti-Pollution Cleansing Cream, £23.00, Buy here 


Overload on the anti-oxidants

We should be eating them much more than we do, but what if I told you your skin depended on it? Anti-oxidants are the nutrients and enzymes which repair damage to your tissue. Pollution damage is thus its number one cause for concern.

And while we struggle to meet our five-a-day, you can give your skin a head start by massaging in those anti-oxidant rich products. Try Estee Lauder Day Wear Advanced Multi Protection Anti Oxidant And UV Defense – beauty bloggers claim it is the ideal moisturiser for a day in the not so fresh air.

On the importance of moisturisers, tackle the main side effect of London life (dehydration) by getting some deep hydration before you’ve even stepped out the door. Plus, this hydration can curb the effects of early aging, keeping the wrinkles at bay for as long as we tell ourselves they are just laughter lines.

Moisturisers by Estee Lauder DayWear Multi-Protection Anti-Oxidant Creme SPF15 Dry Skin 50ml, Buy here

Use targeted products

Protecting yourself from pollution isn’t exactly rocket science (or should that be climate change science?), no matter how many big words they love to cram onto their packaging. The best way to defend yourself from the fumes of the city streets is by ensuring the phrase ‘anti-pollutant’ is clogging up your beauty bag.

If it says it on the tin, it will contain a cocktail of remedies to fight the effects and defend against them. This is particularly as pollution requires a targeted attack to leave your complexion clear.

If you’re looking for a range to pick and choose from try the BY TERRY’s line. Chocked full of hydrating moisturisers and masks, the products are overflowing with anti-pollution objectives to keep you feeling fresh faced, even when the world around you doesn’t feel like it.

Last, but by no means least, is keeping your SPF levels topped up. The added risk of sun damage can only exacerbate that of pollution. You mum might have banged on about it at the beach when you were 8, but she might just have a point.

If you can afford to play around with a peel off mask in a bubble bath every fortnight, why aren’t you making room in your Sephora delivery for some serious skincare love?

Sure, you might not be seeing the redness now, but pollution takes time to deal its worst blows.

The fact is, don’t leave it too late. Just like with, you know, the world.

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