Vegan and Sustainable Fashion Brands to Invest In


We live in a very highly consumable society where cheap fashion is readily available to us. However, this is no good for our planet as these clothes are often unethically made and just create more pollution as so much of it is being made. It is wiser to invest in clothes that you will be able to keep and use for a long time or recycle and buy your clothes in charity shops or online sites like Depop.

Also, if you are a vegan then finding brands that don’t use materials derived from animals can be difficult as leather is seen as a premium and desirable material. Here is a collection of brands that are all vegan and sustainably made.


This brand sells loads of really stunning handbags. Over 50% of the materials that they use are recycled plastic and they are aiming to make this 100% over the next 5 years. As well as being fair trade, with every purchase of one of their bags 10% profit is donated to animal sanctuary’s around the world. So not only will you have a beautiful handbag you will also know you have done some good having bought it. The Fiona bag is their most iconic and comes in loads of gorgeous colours.

JW PEI, Fiona Bag, £101, Shop here

Matt and Nat

This is the place to shop for great footwear and handbags which are all completely vegan. Their name comes from ‘mat(t)erial and nature’ as they use no animal based materials and all of the linings that they use are from 100% recycled plastic bottles. They do really good contemporary shoes so it is worth investing in some of their shoes for work or for going out.

Matt and Nat, Shop here

MUD Jeans

This brand works to a completely circular economy as they recycle all of their customer’s old jeans to turn them into a new pair. They are aware that our resources are limited so are being smart by cutting back on their resource consumption. They also upcycle returned jeans into customised vintage pairs which are named after their previous owner. This is a great brand to invest in!

Mud Jeans, Shop here

Thought Clothing

Thought have a small collection of clothing that is designed to be ‘love forever’ classics that you will want to keep in your wardrobe. They use natural fabrics to create sustainable, organic clothing. Their clothes are also Peta approved vegan so it is definitely worth looking on their website or visiting their store in London.

Thought Clothing, Shop here

The Third Estate

This is an independent shop that is based in London. All of their products are ethically made and animal friendly. Whilst they do have an online shop they encourage people to visit the store in person to have a really good look around and try out all the clothes, as well as supporting other local business in that area.

The Third Estate, Shop here

Beyond Skin

Their vegan shoes are sustainably made in Spain. All shoes are made from recycled faux leather and all of their packaging is also recyclable. They are Peta approved and even make wedding shoes if your big day is coming up and you are in need of something to wear.

Beyond Skin, Shop here

Give sustainable and animal friendly fashion a try. Not only will you be receiving quality products that you will be able to love forever but you will also know that you are helping the world out a little bit with each purchase.


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