All About the Throat Chakra – A Guide to the Fifth Chakra

Otherwise known as Vishuddha, Kanth Padma or Shodash Dala the fifth chakra in yoga philosophy is the throat chakra. The throat is in control of your verbal communication skills, your ability to express yourself and realise your worldly truths.

It is is represented by the colour aquamarine blue but can also be recognised as lavender purple or turquoise. This chakra is related to the element of sound – it uses means of vibration that are felt throughout our whole bodies. It primarily refers to the level of the throat but is multidimensional too. It encompasses the back of the throat and the vibrations it creates.

The Vishuddha is also linked to the pharyngeal and brachial plexi. It connects with the jaws, mouth, pharynx and palate, shoulders and neck. The thyroid gland is also associated with the throat and processes the body’s energy. It is also responsible for the body’s temperature, growth, and metabolism.

Focus on the Throat Chakra

When your fifth chakra gets blocked, you experience difficulty in expression. Perhaps you find yourself unable to say what you really mean or struggle to get words out. It evokes feelings of shyness, introversion and insecurity that goes beyond personality. An overactive throat can also cause many issues. Yo may not be able to stop talking, nervous chatter and gossip can all come from a hyperactive chakra. If you find you can be one of those people with “no filter” or you say things that are mean without meaning it, this could be what is wrong.

Throat Chakra Blocks

Imbalances in the throat manifests itself in ways that can affect your personal and professional relationships directly. More than the other chakras, the throat involves other people the most as what comes out of your mouth is taken to be the truth of your thoughts. Not being able to keep secrets, telling lies or on the flip side, excessive secretiveness can all be forms of blockages.

Healing the Throat

Communication is one of the most important things to our relationships so being able to healthily communicate is vastly important. Restore balance to your throat involves a direct connection to your sacral chakra. It involves the centre of your creativity and your truths. Realign your throat chakra by healthily expressing your emotions. You should try not to bottle up emotions, rather, make a habit of talking openly with loved ones about how you feel. Incorporate blue decorations into your home such as flowers or cushions to help you connect on a daily basis.

Affirmations that may help with the throat chakra could be as follows:

I create speech that reflects my loving thoughts.

I communicate with others confidently and I believe that my voice is important.

Yoga Poses

Yoga can really help to open and balance the Vishuddha. Try gentle neck stretches to begin with while in a seated position on your mat. A supported shoulder stand and plow pose are good inversions that will allow blood and energy to rush to your throat. If this is difficult, lie with your bottom to the wall and rest your legs on the wall for an easy inversion. Stay there for ten breaths and then release.

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