Self-Care Stocking Fillers: Give yourself some love

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The modern world is a stressful place to be. Every day we are forced to navigate the stresses of work and family life as well as uncertain political times, financial inequality, and, of course, the awful British weather. Throw the worry and strains of Christmas into the mix and it is an anxiety-induced recipe for disaster. This Christmas treat yourself to things that can help you improve your mood, and outlook on life, and – most importantly – put yourself first.  

Self-Care Stocking Fillers To Gift Yourself

The Hormona App


Apols for the shameless self-plug, but is there a better gift than fabulous hormone health? Not only is our app completely free, but it’s packed full of amazing stuff! You can track your hormones, your cycle, the phases of each cycle, get patterns and predictions, plus there’s the community and all the hormone-related content… And it doesn’t end there. We’ve tons of incredible things planned, including at-home tests. We’re revolutionizing hormone healthcare, and you should come with us!   



Lush is so much more than Instgramable bath bombs and adorably shaped soaps. I mean, their bath bombs are Instagram-able and their soaps are adorable but they also do a lot for our bodies and minds. Besides making us feel good, Lush products are great ethical choices for the conscious buyer. Just as one point: Happy Bathday is actually vegan!  

A personal favorite from this is the ‘I’m Forever Blowing Bubble’ reusable bubble bar which blows actual, real bubbles. If you want to relax after a hard day at work, this is a perfect way to feel like a stress-free kid again.  



Is there anything better than sitting down with a good cup of tea?  No?  

Well, then this bundle from quality tea brand Teapigs is perfect for you. The bundle is aimed at keeping track of your health and wellbeing, helping you to feel “happy, calm, and clean.” Slightly different from your average builders brew these teas are infused with a rich and wonderful blend of ingredients. It contains:  

  • happy | 15 tea temples | an uplifting blend of turmeric, apple, and lemon balm 
  • calm | 15 tea temples | a relaxing blend of lemon balm, valerian and chamomile, this tea is a great compliment to an evening soak in the tub 
  • cleanse | 15 tea temples | refreshing and slightly sweet tasting, this detox tea is packed with antioxidants 

On their website, teapigs also have a mood-o-meter’. This application helps you find the perfect tea depending on if you feel sleepy, hungover, stressed or a range of other emotions. Perfect! 



I am one of those people who owns more loungewear than they do ‘outside’ clothes. Fluffy socks, nighties, PJ shorts, and tracksuit bottoms: my drawers are filled with them. There is no thought more horrific to me than attempting to relax in jeans and I don’t care what anyone says: you can’t relax in jeans the same way you can in soft, fluffy jammies.   

These pajama sets from Primark are an adorable and inexpensive treat for yourself that will 100% make you feel more relaxed. They come in a range of patterns and styles to suit all fashion tastes.  


Varied Prices

In our fast-paced lives, we can often forget to put our energies into something which needs to be nurtured and looked after. In many ways, houseplants are far easier to look after than say a pet or child, and they are a lot cheaper too. Much has been said about the benefits of houseplants from their ability to assist our breathing, to cleaning the air and boosting our moods. As well as this they can also add color and life to an otherwise dull room.  

A houseplant would make an excellent stocking filler this Christmas as it gives you something to focus on, enriching your life. Also, given the variety of species, colors, and sizes of plants the perfect one is just out there waiting for you 

Hopefully, these little self-care gifts have got you even more excited for Christmas as it is the best time to treat yourself!

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The Hormona Team

The Hormona Team

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