Moving into a Freelance World – The Selfish Darling Story

The Hormona Team

Darling has it ever hit you that you have no discretion in your current role alongside the fact it feels so dull and un-inspiring? This happened to me and coincided with a massive change in my personal life so I decided I had to get away. The final straw that hit my camel’s back was the denial of a sabbatical, despite the fact I had put in 7 years hard graft for the team. So, I left.

The next thing I knew after some serious time out travelling in the world, I found myself in my car with everything I owned all around me, I was jobless, homeless and friendless, but I was the calmest I had ever been Darling. My first stop was a youth hostel working for my keep and before I knew where I was freelance work was in abundance.

This really taught me- don’t go for the job because of the cash! My experience has proved to me you really can ditch it all and make it happen if you aim towards that dream and if you’re prepared to do things a little differently. I know my current calm minded approach has been born out of taking that chance 3 years ago.

For me becoming freelance was a natural step towards this rebellion, we all have a bit of rebel in us Darling. However, society as we know it still exists so to enable the dream to work, we have to also make practical decisions, which for me has always included having some employed work.

Coming from the NHS, a huge hierarchical and bureaucratic beast, I have always found it a hard challenge to accept the realisation that you can ‘just do’ things and that not everything is about climbing that hierarchy and PayScale.

On a practical level to avoid anxiety its always good to have enough in the bank for a rainy day and accept that if needs be, you can in theory work anywhere for money – we learn something from every opportunity. From a Philosophical stand point give yourself time to switch from the ‘doing’ narrative, I often chastised myself for just being when I had time off, interestingly I have also became much less materialistic – forget the Gucci Darling go travel instead.

To do you Darling is the most important so always do what you love then regardless of the outcome you can ALWAYS find solace in the fact that you followed your heart and were true to yourself.

As part of the freelance journey why not try out co-working, even if you are more of a head down quiet space type of person. You have the benefits of meeting those who can support you on your venture and really get to know them. You also have the benefit of feeling less isolated, I would also argue when working from home we often get distracted by shaving our bikini line etc and in a café environment we spend too much on cake Darling.

On top of this there is so much to learn and grow from; from events which are often reduced for members, skill sharing and general inspiration.I was brand new to co-working at the time of starting, but having worked in NHS offices that are more akin to coffins I knew the power of environment. So pick a space that is aesthetically pleasing to you, I crave light bright spaces like The Projects personally. Alongside somewhere that I can create my working and social aura around.

On a purely personal level it is truly wonderful to be around other bad ass women who are fighting against the norm and pursuing their dreams Darling, it gives you confidence that you’re on the right track.

You do You Gorgeous,

Lots of Love.

Rebekah Few

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The Hormona Team

The Hormona Team

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