The foods you should be eating to avoid feeling so tired

It’s either the post-lunch carb crash, or it’s the distracting sounds your stomach loves to make in the awkward silences of meetings; finding the perfect snacks to keep you feeling full, and not so much tired, is by no means an easy feat. And while ‘meal prep Sunday’ can help you get your five-a-day on, we are all prone to craving a sweet pick me up to keep us going until the clock finally strikes 5pm.

Let’s face it: we all have hectic schedules we are trying to keep on top of, and when we are rushing to the next appointment, or running to catch the next bus which is just about to close its doors, we are more likely to pop into a café and scoff a quick muffin. But are these sugary snacks worth a quick energy boost, and then the inevitable energy cliff drop?

I’m afraid the answer has remained the same since primary school, no matter how much we try and justify the extra hobnob. If we want to avoid feeling tired, and focused on the task at hand, we are going to have to eat – you guessed it – healthy.

A balanced diet is the main way to ensure you are still wide awake as you enter the late afternoon. And if you can’t quite remember the pie chart visuals plugged in every year 3 science lesson, here’s how you can make sure your diet is levelling out the weighing scales: Aside from your five a day, and gulping back 8 glasses of water, we always seem to forget a few key points about, you know, being healthy. First up, always eat regularly. Ditch the TOWIE diets and don’t skip the carbs. On that note, don’t skip anything; cutting breakfast can make your 9am start that much harder and leave you lumped with an uncontrollable craving for snacks later on.

Next on the list is getting your iron fix. If it’s green and leafy, it should be in your sandwich. Iron-deficiency might be a pinch more serious than forgetting to pick up some spinach from Tesco’s, but not getting enough is a common cause of feeling fatigued. Or, if you’re a pro at finding your lunch box balance, here are the other foods you should be putting in Tupperware to keep you ready for the day ahead.

Stop feeling groggy with grains and nuts

A handful of trailmix, or a packet of cashews is the top tip to stop feeling so tired during the day. In fact, a study published in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition claimed nuts can keep you feeling full, and can boost your balanced diet points (they are brimming with the fats and proteins you need).

If you’re looking for something new to scribble on a shopping list, try macadamia nuts. They are crammed full of energy, and contain the macronutrients you won’t be able to find in the aisles.

But before you trade all your meals in for bowls of granola, remember that this energy source is due to its high calorie content.

Still tired? Then it’s time to get millennial

Industry killing aside, millennials definitely know how to stay healthy, and take great pictures of doing just that. Avocado is reportedly one of the best snacks for feeling more full, and less tired. Plus, the green goodness is overloaded with the fatty acids which can reduce inflammation, a leading cause of feeling more tired than you should be.

Not quite convinced? If the tea in a jam jar aesthetic isn’t for you, take it from the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition: those monounsaturated fats keep your energy levels high, and it’s one of your five a day.

Or, if you are looking for a less messy snack, put the kettle on, and try a cup of Matcha tea. Matcha isn’t just a coffee alternative, it’s actually a superfood. It contains all the minerals, antioxidants, and amino acids that fill the leaves, but in your favourite mug. Plus, it releases that caffeine fix slowly, prolonging your high, and preventing the low.

It’s even been proven to boost your concentration, keeping you on top of your work until home time. Feeling tired might be a part of being human, but that doesn’t mean you should let it affect you before you’ve even really sat down at your desk.

We might all be struggling to get through til the end of the day, but its time to be one step ahead. Or one snack.

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