Taking time to yourself- why you should do it and how to do it

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There is an argument that keeping busy is good for both mental and physical health. But think for a second; has your routine unwillingly overtaken your life? In the battle to have our careers, relationships and personal goals all in place by a certain time, you guessed it – you will inevitably crash and burn. Two-week holidays are a normalised way to escape your day-to-day life. But you already know that they’re just a quick fix. What really makes a difference is incorporating little bits of this into the everyday and really enjoying your ‘me time’.

Taking time to yourself is Key.

SO I’m going to give you my 5 Tips To Find Moments To Yourself

1. Improve Your Morning Routine

Our morning routine is super important as what we do when we wake up determines our whole day, as much as we all hate that little fact. It is, therefore, a great time to put ourselves first.

Whether you wake up early to do something you enjoy or vow not to check social media before you are on your commute, changing your habits to make you feel great is important for your continual daily mood. And however tempting it is, do not press snooze! Sorry but rushing around is not going to help, is it? 

So first things first, find your morning routine!

2. Take time to yourself by taking Advantage Of Your Breaks

It is all too easy to find yourself in the middle of something and before you know it, looking at the clock confirms that lunchtime has been and gone and you had to eat while you worked.

Actually, you probably didn’t have to; you just felt obliged. Guilty about wanting to leave for two minutes.

Whether you are in a busy office or freelancing, you need to disconnect. Nip outside and see what is going on in the external environment, pause the day and get back feeling refreshed and motivated. Work can wait, and will still be there when you get back (unfortunately).

3. Relax When You Get Home

Whether you’ve been at work, to the supermarket or to see family, you need to readjust afterwards and settle back into your personal environment. After all, the best place to take time for yourself can be where you are most comfortable.

Prepare your favourite dinner, or order a takeaway if you want to free up some time to have a bath, paint your nails or watch a film. Leaving your to-do list behind is vital to help you unwind before sleep, so your mind can be at rest.

3. Leave Open Periods In Your Diary

A sense of surprise or wonder can be good for everyone. You have an hour in your day where you don’t know what is going to happen (if anything at all). You can use it to grab a last-minute coffee with a friend if you’re feeling a bit lonely, or decide that actually, you want to do something completely out of the ordinary and go for a walk or to the museum. Hey, why not have a nap? Spontaneity is key when it comes to taking time to yourself and keeps us feeling flexible and not tied down.

5. Give Yourself Some Enjoyment

Taking time to yourself is all about looking after yourself, and while this can simply mean eating well, some tasks can feel like a chore too. If you need to do it to live, you probably don’t feel like you’re on a break, right?

Even if it is listening to a podcast or watching some funny YouTube videos, doing things which aren’t a necessity and you find some joy in can perk your mood up and offer a great distraction without feeling like you’ve wasted time. We are all guilty of that, but we all need to stop and put ourselves first again.

What do you do to take time to yourself?

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