Guilty Pleasures and Why They Are Important

guilty pleasures

In our world today it is important that we take care of ourselves. Guilty pleasures are the perfect way to do this.

What’s your guilty pleasure?

It seems to be a rather short-sighted question, as if we, modern day women of the world, have anything to feel guilty for.

Life is short and often difficult to get through, full of things that make us anxious and stressed and scared; finding means that alleviate these pressures are gems that we cling to make ourselves smile or laugh or cry. But so often, as is the way, we are made to feel guilty for enjoying the things we do. Why? More often than not all these ‘guilty pleasures’ tend to be are cheesy films or corny songs that society has deemed ‘uncool’ and so we bury our love for them, reserving them for a night alone or until we find a kindred spirit.

For what purpose? To impress people, we don’t really care about impressing who are hiding their own guilty pleasures? A bizarre system that keeps us boxed in and facing the ground and in the worst case, people stop doing or watching the things that bring them joy, resigning themselves to suffer in the name of social approval.

Pleasure is needed in life, and the Greeks had a theory….

Now I know, Greeks and pleasure, but give me a minute. Epicureanism argues that pleasure is the only good thing in life. Epicurus placed an emphasis on the pleasures of the mind, and mostly focused on ‘static pleasures’, in other words, pleasures that alleviate anxiety and suffering. He advocated living in a way that gives us the most pleasure out of life we can get (we naturally take into account the law and morals and all that jazz), in order to live a simple, happy life.

So, if doing karaoke, watching Disney sing-alongs or going to an 80’s themed roller disco every weekend makes life wonderful, why on earth should you be made to feel guilty for it? Why on earth should you let people take it from you? Why should their opinion make any difference? The answer, no doubt, is buried within the strange oppressive forces of Western society, but they are forces we do not need to heed.

If in doubt, think Greek and keep enjoying your guilty pleasures

Do what makes you happy, love the things you love and don’t let people force you to hide a part of yourself away. Rock those rollerblades and sing Take That and encourage every woman you know to join right in and damn anyone who looks at you funny. It’s your life, Darling, live it how you want.

xx Emilie

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