Take More Pictures Darling

Taking pictures is not just about the ‘gram’ it actually has so many great benefits and we’ve listed some of them below!

Make Memories

In life we all have memories that we cherish, but these memories are often not recorded for us to look back on. Taking more photos in general can help us to ensure that the special moments that we encounter are immortalised in some way so that we can look back into the past and reminisce.

Many people say that the people they love are the people that they get the least photos with. Often this is because we live in the moment with those friends and don’t tend to stop and take photos. But whipping the camera out every once in a while can ensure that you can look back on times you spent together.

Sharing Experiences

Having a photo album or even your phone camera roll gives you a way to share your documented experiences with others. Families will often keep a photo album of their children growing up, or couples will keep a photo album of their wedding, so why shouldn’t we keep photo albums of our treasured memories. 


With every busy schedule comes the need for some relaxation.  Creative hobbies provide brilliant ways to get rid of stress and unwind. Photography can be one of those hobbies as it can get you out of the house and exploring, while admiring the scenery around you. 

You can also use the photos that you take to create things like mood boards or scrapbooks which can add a new aspect to your creative hobby. 

Pictures as Decoration

Displaying the photos that you take, whether they be of you and your family/friends or of interesting scenery, can make your home feel far more personalised and welcoming. 

Having photo frames with places you’ve been or cherished memories can make you feel more comfortable in your home as you feel more connected to your surroundings.

Activity to do Together 

Spending time with friends or family is very important for us if we want to keep up a healthy social life. Many people find it difficult to make time to ‘hangout’ with their loved ones. Having a preplanned activity to do together can make it easier.

Photography is a great activity to share with friends and family. Whether you go on nature walks and snap photos of varying flora or fauna, or you wander about town posing as models for each other’s photos, it can be a very rewarding way of spending time together. 

Take More Pictures Darling

You don’t have to have a fancy camera, just keep your phone at the ready and you will record your favourite moments alongside feeding the creative spark inside you.

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