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Subscription boxes are not just eccentric thoughtful gift ideas. As a way for you to gift your [bestie] with something she has wanted but would never buy for herself or a lot of her favourite things. It was predicted that 2020 would be the year in the rise of subscription boxes. Not just for unusual thoughtful gifts but to provide ease to the things we need most. Things we would need in certain milestones in life. Once you need to have those products on a regular base in your life; there will be a subscription box available for it. If you’re still wondering if that is possible, well, according to Zuora, who asked adults of 12 countries about subscription services, 74% believe in the future of subscribing.   

Well, now that you are intrigued. What exactly can you have a subscription box for that you would not have thought of in 2009?   

Subscription boxes in 2020

Subscribe when you are pregnant   

In recent years pregnancy subscription boxes have become a popular way to ease the learning curve of experience associated with the stages of being pregnant. Companies like DearBump and BumpBoxes fill their boxes with products to fit just about every need. Aimed at helping women know what is safe to use in such a sensitive and empowering time for a female body.

Pregnancy subscription boxes seems an obvious one. But it is impressively commended for being thoughtful and imaginative in what is provided. Tailored to aid you through the stages and changes from the first trimester right up to the last. With creams, vitamins and other thoughtful little items, you would need. Including subscriptions of things, you would need for the first year of a newborn’s life.  

Subscribe to new underwear   

Most of us are guilty of wearing unmentionables until they are just about unwearable. You can admit to it, this is a safe space. Always, meaning to replace them with ones for just about every mood and occasion. Hoping to feel more comfortable and confident in them and not much else. Our confidence can be boosted by the smallest of things on a daily bases, and that is the promised mission of PantyDrop. They created a process that lets you choose from the fabric, shape and style. Ethically and consciously sourced and designed for every female form.     

Yet, it is not the only underwear subscription out there aimed at providing you with your dream underwear needs. Like if you have always wanted to own more lingerie. But you don’t know where to start, a subscription box to Lacies, for example, can help you find what your lingerie style.   

Subscribe for those period essentials   

Period subscription boxes are quite inventive. They answer the need every woman faces near that time of the month by making sure your essential items are always on hand. Removing the worry of not being prepared for aunt flows visit. Like restocking needs and sweet treats on hand for when the mood strikes. Some period subscription boxes are even aesthetically pleasing, like Yoppie which we’ve already talked about extensively. If you missed our review of their products you can find it here. Another aesthetically pleasing one is Cora.Life tampon boxes. Adding a certain maturity to products created for a seemly juvenile female occurrence.  

Subscription boxes for just that much more  

Now that you have dipped your toes in the possibilities of subscription boxes, it is time to go exploring. Once you can imagine it, then there is bound to be a box out there to meet that need. 

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