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This is the 4th instalment of my Bullet Journal Series. If you haven’t already, go and check out my other articles  on how to start a bullet journal, general pages ideas and the financial tracker to help you develop your own bullet journal!

Study Tracker

As a full time student I need to make sure that I spend enough time studying each day. In order to do this, I find that having a page in my bullet journal tracking the number of hours that I spend each day studying different subjects helps me to develop more consistent and helpful routines. 

I have found that treating my degree as a full time job and spending those hours (with breaks of course) focusing on my work helps me keep everything up to date.

I track my different modules by the hour and set this out over a week and track how many hours I spend on those modules during that week. We are told to spend around 2-4 hours outside of the lecture theatre, to every one hour in the lecture theatre. Some modules require more and some require less. But setting goals for those modules and tracking the hours I spend helps me stay on track!

I would recommend every student keeps a track of the hours they spend on different modules, even if they don’t use a bullet journal!

Chores/Cleaning Tracker

Chores are notoriously unenjoyable and difficult to keep track of (although I must admit I love cleaning!). I often forget when to change the sheets on my bed and when the recycling goes out, so tracking these helps me to not miss another recycling day! 

I dedicate a few pages in my bullet journal to scheduling and tracking my chores. Generally I set them out in weeks and months so that I know to clean my bathroom every week, and deep clean my bedroom every month etc.

This way I can check off (or colour in) different chores when I have completed them, and keep on track!


This is more of an ongoing page in your bullet journal. Keeping track of the items that you want from different stores can help you know what to treat yourself to when you are in the mood. It also makes for very helpful gift suggestions!

Reading Tracker

I am an avid reader, but my ‘to be read’ pile keeps getting bigger at a much faster pace than I can keep up with! 

My solution is to have a page (or three!) in my bullet journal dedicated to all of the books I want to read. This way I can check them off once I have read them and also keep track of the many recommendations I receive.

As I like to keep my bullet journal fairly arty, I design these pages to look like bookshelves. I then draw on books with the titles of the book on my list on the spines. Then, once I have read those books, I colour in the book and outline in a bold marker to make it stand out.

The more I read, the more colourful my pages become! 

Plant Watering Tracker

As you may know I adore plants. I have far too many and so watering them can become a bit of a pain. So many of them require rigid watering schedules while others can go weeks or even months without any water at all!

Having a spread in my bullet journal telling me when to water certain plants helps me make sure I don’t forget to water, or over water. 

I tend to use a green colour palette on these spreads for the obvious reason!

Final Thoughts

Once again, make sure to tailor your bullet journal to you and your life. These are pages that I use to make sure that I stay organised. Of course if you are not a student then a study tracker will not help you. But for example if you love to knit, then a page or two for counting stitches and rows may be beneficial. Or if you love to exercise (or are trying to get fitter) then a page with your fitness goals and the exercises you want to do may help you stay on track.

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