When it comes to making time for yourself and decompressing, the first thing anyone will tell you is to put that phone down. No, I mean, face down, put it on silent, and let emails go unanswered for ten minutes. But what if I told you what could be giving you the need for self-care could also hold the answers.

We can go to a yoga session, we can take a hike, we can try to work out meditation, but sometimes what we need is just a few taps away. So, the next time you complain about how everything revolves around your mobile, how about you try turning to it instead?

Whether you’re looking for some help with your health, how to finally achieve mindfulness, or even access some therapy, this is your guide to self-care apps which are beginning to dominate the download market.

Healthy means happy

Our Instagram queens know how to take the perfect selfie at the end of a hike (and how to look amazing at the end of it), and they will be the first among many to tell you that taking time out to exercise gives you the time for yourself. This self-care can not only help you achieve your true zen, but also give you a few extra health benefits along the way.

And getting going with working out has never been easier thanks to apps. Unfortunately, that means no more excuses.

Cody is one example of such as app by creating workout plans that will fit you, as well as providing you with video workouts. If you’re struggling to find the workout for you, go no further than heading straight for the app store.

Maybe your looking for a way to focus on your exercise. Try the Health app, or similar ones which lay out a dashboard for all your fitness and health information. If you can track your calories and medication, you can track your selfcare.

Another approach to looking after your physical health, and finding a minute for yourself, is at-home spa treatments. Channel some relaxation vibes with Acupressure: Heal Yourself. By showing you massage points to relieve your tensions with some trusty instructions, you too can be hands on when it comes to selfcare.

Lastly, to ensure you don’t skimp on the snoozing, try a mindfulness app to make sure you set in place sleeping habits. Sleepfulness could be the fix for you if you struggle to get 8 hours. With mindfulness tracks for any time of the day, ranging from 5 to 20 minutes, taking a moment for yourself has never been easier.

Meditation and mindfulness

Whether you’re looking to reduce stress, lower blood pressure, or improve your mood, meditation is the activity for you.

When it comes to selfcare, learning to meditate is the go-to. But for many, this is new and unknown territory. Similar to many other selfcare apps, Headspace is an app with guided mindfulness and meditation, and with its range of themes, such as looking for help with falling asleep, this app can guide you anytime of the day. And with its quirky animations, it shows you how to apply mindfulness in the different areas of your life.

For a more simplistic approach to keeping your cool, download the Breathing Zone. Deep breathing is cited as one of the key techniques for de-stressing, and this app can help you visualise your breathing pattern. You set your target number of breathes per minute, and the app guides you to achieving this in just five minutes.

Just breathe, and you’ll be relaxed in just 5 minutes.

A Few Taps til Therapy

If you’re looking for self-care to focus on your mental health, there are many apps which can serve this purpose.

Talkspace can give you 24/7 access to licensed therapists, and it’s no surprise that this is one of the most popular therapy apps. If you work full time and can’t squeeze in a session, have no fear; you’re only a few clicks away.

All the apps discussed also focus on removing the stigma associated with mental health problems, and getting help or self-care. The more private nature of accessing help online thus allows you to feel comfortable when you receive your selfcare.

Lantern is a similar app to Talkspace, but places greater importance on mindfulness and therapy techniques to help with anxiety, depression and body image. And with an assigned coach, your guidance can be tailored to your needs.

Therefore, guided help for greater needs is only a swipe away.

It’s fair to say that technology has come quite a long way in the last decade. There’s an app for everything, and there is no denying that this can give us a reason for taking time out for self-care, or even for therapy.

And as apps are convenient and often affordable, anyone can be guided in their mental and emotional health.

Whether you struggle to squeeze in a therapy session, or just need to take a deep breath, download, login, and exhale.


Posted By  : The Hormona Team

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