Self-Care Tips For Every MBTI Personality Type

self-care for MBTI personality types

If you didn’t catch my introduction to the MBTI personality types article, then now is definitely time to check that one out. I’ll wait!

Done? Good.

So by now, I’m hoping you have a pretty good idea on not only which personality type you are blessed with, but also a little about what that means for you as a person. It will hopefully have shed some light on why you have certain hang-ups, interests, and behaviours. But what about when it comes to self-care?

We often sing the praises of self-care, and how even the littlest acts of compassion towards yourself can be transformative for your mental, emotional, and even physical wellbeing. But not all self-care is equal!

Of course, we are all different, and so it’s only natural that top-tier self-care looks different for each one of us. Now with your MBTI personality type to hand, look for yours (and those of your nearest and dearest, of course!) to get a better idea of what your body and soul may be craving – or even just to get some idea of what a special someone in your life may be needing themselves right now.

Ready? Okay, let’s dive in!

Self-Care for MBTI Personality Types

ESFJ: Have a virtual Drink with friends

ESFJs are one of the most social personality types. They typically have a wide circle of friends and feel most at ease when surrounded by their tribe.

In normal circumstances, you may invite a few people over, or suggest a day or night out when you need to let off some steam (those times will soon come again, don’t worry ESFJ!), but in the current circumstances, it could be a great idea to arrange a  virtual coffee break or happy hour to sip and natter till your ESFJ’s heart’s content.

ENFJ: Help someone

Fellow social butterflies ENFJs are not only extremely sociable, but also very giving people, who feel their best when helping others. As such, for you – bringing joy to others is the most sure-fire way to feel better in yourself.

Whether it’s volunteering, calling people in your life who may be having a hard time right now to check in on them,  offering to help an out-of-school kid in your life with their homework, or surprising your neighbours or loved ones with a surprise letter or baked cake – these are the activities that will bring you peace and make you feel whole again. That being said, don’t forget to show the same love to yourself, ENFJ!

ISTJ: Feed your curiosity

ISTJs love to learn new things, and so although to many types it may seem like an odd suggestion for self-care, feeding your curiosity may be just what your tired soul needs.

Of course, you are likely worn out from your day-to-day work or studies, so delve into something new! Whether you surf the eclectic documentaries Netflix or YouTube has to offer, dive into a new non-fiction book or audiobook, stimulating this part of your brain seems to always make you feel your best.

ISFJ: SKYPE your family

ISFJs are known for being big family people. It’s one thing loving your family, but for an ISFJ, they live for their family and perhaps a close-knit circle of trusted friends. Although naturally on the reserved and maybe even distant side, ISFJs actually love being around people – as long as they are from this exclusive list.

Since you are in some ways social, but only selectively so – you run the risk of isolating yourself and maybe not even realising that it’s some meaningful human interaction that you’re craving. So pick up the phone! It may go against your nature, but you’ll feel better after a heartfelt chat with someone you deeply care about, trust me.


ESTJs like to feel productive, so even if you are stuck at home or simply exhausted, keeping yourself busy may actually make you feel more relaxed. During this time of isolation, since you don’t like to be cooped up – and any clutter only adds to your angst – consider organising areas of your living space or even your appliances, that you don’t often get the chance to address.

This will make any time spent alone that bit more bearable, but the process in itself will also be therapeutic for your naturally driven mind. From clearing out all your kitchen cupboards to reorganising your wardrobe – or simply cleaning up your phone, PC, or inbox – the little boost of achievement and the high you experience when this niggling annoyance is no longer there may be just what your perturbed ESTJ mind needed.

ESFP: Treat yourself

ESFPs appreciate life’s little luxuries and take pride in their sense of style and self-expression. As such, whether it’s great and healthy food,  perfume, or hairband that makes your heart sing, treating yourself to a little something nice can work wonders.

It doesn’t matter even if no one else is around! You deserve to feel special regardless of external gaze. This treat, of course, doesn’t have to break the bank. Make yourself something delicious from the comfort of your own home, or try out a new inexpensive cosmetic product or fashion item to help you feel more like your beautiful and creative self.

ISFP: Meditation & MUSIC

ISFPs, although introverted, are often natural people-pleasers, combined with being more on the disorganised side – as such, you are at great risk of expending more energy than you have on meeting other’s alleged expectations of you, and end up feeling frazzled by the end of the week.

Meditation could be a great way for you to temporarily quieten your whirring mind, to reconnect with yourself, and give yourself a necessary pause from all the mental stimulation you inflict on yourself. As you are likely also very sensitive to sound and naturally musical, you could also experiment with music or ASMR to make you feel more calm and grounded.

INTP: Read

As an INTP, you love to pour over new information. Like a sponge, you naturally absorb new facts and figures – and the combination of your intuition (N) and your factual thinking (T) – means that you are fairly unique in that you enjoy both fiction and non-fiction books to equal measure.

Whether reading the classics, the latest dystopian novel, or a non-fiction page-turner about your field of choice, the sense of satisfaction and peace the deeply thoughtful INTP gets from absorbing the pages of a book are nearly unmatched.


Conversely, ESTPs feel their best when on the move! This could be out sight-seeing, doing extreme sports, running or swimming. Under the current limitations, whatever will take you away from the mundane and get your heart racing will do the trick.

Bonus if you’re doing something new – as ESTPs also thrive when trying new things. This could simply mean running in a new park, or exploring a new place in your area. Still stuck at home? Try out some of my at-home work-out tips to still feel the healing effects of exercise.

ISTP: Problem-Solve

ISTPs naturally thrive when sharpening their spatial and mechanical skills. You are likely particularly talented at fixing or assembling things – whether it’s computers, untangling wires, or setting up furniture. You love that sweet spot between the logic of structure and having the space and flexibility to think for yourself.

That’s why, although you aren’t a fan of instruction manuals, you probably get a lot out of solving puzzles for yourself – sudoku, crosswords, jigsaws, maths problems – whatever gets your brain in gear and makes you feel “in the zone.” Basically, you have a lot of brainpower to burn, and making sense of the world is what makes you tick – and so, even when at rest, it may actually help to make you feel calm and content to treat your brain to a juicy problem or puzzle.

ENFP: Call a friend

ENFPs tend to feel completely lost when alone. They thrive when surrounded by their wide circle of friends and loved ones, and can feel pretty lost and disoriented when all by themselves. Because ENFPs are not only extroverted but also intensely emotional, they tend to become very attached to their friends and feel low when no one is around for a chat.

We all have to learn to feel at ease in our own company ENFP! But when it comes to self-care, give yourself what you need by calling a close friend and satisfying your need for social interaction. As a natural communicator, this is when you feel most at peace.

ENTP: Self-Discipline

This title may have made your heart sink as an ENTP. With a tendency to live in the moment, go with the flow, and follow your every whim, although most other personalities may envy your casual, cool nature, you really struggle when it comes to self-discipline – even if you know that this is what you need.

Whether it’s eating better, exercising more regularly, or taking your studies or career more seriously – the best thing an ENTP can do for themselves is to take some time to reflect – to be upfront with what they really want out of life long-term, and to not allow their impulses to get the better of them.

Don’t stop being your spontaneous, quirky self ENTP – that’s what makes you special! But don’t become completely consumed in the here and now – take care of your future self’s needs too. This will make you feel much more content, in the long run, avoiding that panicked feeling you are prone to at times.

ENTJ: Netflix & Chill (Not what you think!)

The ENTJ personality type is a tricky one to advise – firstly because they are the least likely type to take advice in the first place! And secondly because like the ENTP, what they might enjoy the most doesn’t necessarily coincide with what may be best for them in terms of self-development.

As a personality type known for their confidence, independence, and vivacity, ENTJs tend to crave sensory stimulation and get a lot out of entertainment and pop culture. However, ENTJs find it hard to let their guard down or show any vulnerability. It may be near impossible, for example, for an ENTJ to ask for help, or even to open up to their loved ones that they are struggling with something.

So for an ENTJ, I would advise both the sensory stimulation they crave by putting on a film or series, but to also make an effort to open up to someone they trust.  (Bonus points for being able to do both of these activities in one!)

INTJ: Basque in Solitude

As an INTJ, you are a naturally intellectual and highly driven person who does whatever it takes to get ahead in your studies or career. But really, what you enjoy most is your precious alone time. This is something essential for any of the introverted personality types – but for you, it is arguably even more important to spend some quality time with no one but yourself each day, as you can become easily irritated by others when you are with them for too long.

On top of that, being naturally on the socially awkward side, you only really feel like yourself when alone –  this is when your brainpower goes into overdrive and your best ideas emerge. So take some time out INTJ, you deserve it!

INFP: Get Creative

INFPs are highly sensitive and self-reflective individuals who feel most themselves not only when they are alone, but more specifically, when they use this alone time to channel their creativity. Easily overwhelmed by social events and life’s dramas and responsibilities, now is your time to get the recharge time you’ve been craving your whole life. And don’t feel guilty, as INFPs often do for their need for space and their sensitive disposition. Your sensitivity is what fuels your ability to connect deeply with others and be such a creative soul in the first place.

So whether it’s sketching, painting, making music, or writing poems – if you’re an INFP, you are naturally gifted in the arts, and so engaging in anything artistic is extremely calming for you – not to mention life-affirming.

INFJ: Gratitude Journal

INFJs are not only highly sensitive but often overly emotional individuals, despite their composed exterior. You tend to take everything to heart and have a habit of ruminating incessantly over whatever is bothering you. Is it any wonder INFJs are the type most at-risk for depression and anxiety?

Don’t let that scare you though – you simply need to make sure you take time to recharge your social batteries, quit fretting so much about what others think about you, and remember the power of positive thinking. As you are most likely also a keen writer, try keeping a gratitude journal and listing (INFJs also love making lists!) all the things you have to be grateful for, or that make you happy. Whenever you’re feeling low, look back through your previous answers, and more positive ideas are bound to come.

The Bottom Line

Whatever your MBTI personality type – there will be an ideal self-care hack out there to make you feel yourself again after a long day, week, or – let’s be honest here, several months.

We all need to incorporate self-care of some sort into our routine to avoid emotional breakdowns or burnout – and now is a great time to truly discover what exactly works for you.

What’s your MBTI personality type, and do you feel like these suggestions are a good fit for you? What self-care measures do you currently take?

Let us know in the comments!

Roxanna. Xx

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The Hormona Team

The Hormona Team

Articles by the Hormona team are written by the amazing people that are, or have been, involved in Hormona and who all stand behind the cause and purpose of educating and empowering women to live better and healthier lives. It’s all of our goal to share personal stories, helpful information, tips, tricks and experiences to help other women in our community in their daily lives and on their hormonal health journey.

About the author

The Hormona Team

The Hormona Team

Articles by the Hormona team are written by the amazing people that are, or have been, involved in Hormona and who all stand behind the cause and purpose of educating and empowering women to live better and healthier lives. It’s all of our goal to share personal stories, helpful information, tips, tricks and experiences to help other women in our community in their daily lives and on their hormonal health journey.

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