Self Care Basics

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In this busy and tiring world it is important to take time to look after yourself, especially in lockdown. But many people don’t know where to begin. In this article I will talk about 6 self care basics. These you can use to kickstart your own self care routine and feel more relaxed.

The self care basics


This may seem obvious to many people, however, many of us do not drink enough water. I know that I am guilty of this, and I try my hardest to drink at least a litre of water a day, if not more. Keeping hydrated is essential for both your physical and mental health. And no, before you ask, coffee and alcohol do not count!

Keeping your body hydrated throughout the day can improve your brain function. Creating a clearer mind and improving productivity. Alongside this, taking time to drink a glass of water is refreshing and allows you to take a moment to rejuvenate – a perfect self care activity..

Drinking water is also essential for your physical health. While it keeps all of your internal organs and systems running it also clears your skin. Drinking enough water helps your face to be spot free and smooth.


I am a big believer in the usefulness of candles. They can do so many things for you and your space. i always ensure that I have enough candles throughout my house to make it feel homely.

Candles allow you to surround yourself in pleasant, ambient lighting. This has the effect of calming you down and preparing you for relaxation which is the basis of self care..

Scented candles are a wonderful addition to any space. They are not for everyone, but I love them. Associating certain smells with your relaxation will eventually train you to become relaxed when you smell them. In my house I have different candles for different activities. For example I have a sea salt scented candle for work and a vanilla scented candle for relaxation.

They can also be ritualistic. Lighting a candle whenever you want to relax or are planning a self care evening will train you to feel instantly more relaxed once you have lit it. Rituals are very important for self care.

Face masks

Now I know that face masks are rather cliche when it comes to self care and self care basics in particular, but they do have many benefits.

Face masks are highly beneficial for your skin. They can smooth it, or clear it or hydrate it. There are many types of face masks which all do different things. It is important to identify issues with you skin in order to know what face masks to use, but there are many that cater to all skin types.

They do not have to be expensive, which is a common misconception with face masks. You can even make them at home with ingredients you can find in your cupboards. Although if you do want to treat yourself then you can buy more expensive face masks. Lush have a wonderful selection of fresh face masks, ‘Brazened Honey’ is my personal favourite.

Face masks, like I mentioned previously with candles, can be ritualistic. Putting on a face as mask can signal ‘me time’ and help you become more relaxed.


Whichever you practice, taking the time to check in with your physical, mental and emotional health is highly beneficial. Taking the time for introspection allows you to clear your mind and reduce your stress levels. It also allows you to make more informed choices as you are in touch with your thoughts.

Meditation and mindfulness are highly ritualistic and a crucial part of our self care basics kit. Setting a time, space and mindset for reflection and checking in with yourself allows you to develop a habit of self care and relaxation.

Relaxing Form of Media

While I don’t recommend magazines which yell about bikini bodies and weight loss, there are forms of media which encourage relaxation.

Podcasts are one of my personal favourites. They allow you to engage with a form of media without having to work at it. Please see my previous post for some podcast recommendations.

Music is another form of passive media which can aid relaxation. I highly recommend LoFi Hip Hop music and classical music for relaxation.

Reading books or watching self care movies is a wonderful way to spend your ‘me time’. They allow you to shut off from the world around you and fully immerse yourself. The books you read to relax  don’t have to be self help books, they can be anything you find enjoyment in. For some recommendations please see my Spring Book Recommendations post.

Our online blog here at Selfish Darling is another form of media to immerse yourself in during relaxation. Get lost in the many different articles covering topics from health to media to inspiration.


Nourishing your body and mind is extremely important for good health. Therefore vitamins are an important base for self care.

Vitamins help with your bodily functions, such as digestion and your immune system. Therefore they are important to incorporate into your daily routines.

You can ingest vitamins through tablets or through maintaining a balanced diet.


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The Hormona Team

The Hormona Team

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