Regression Therapy- Have we really been here before?

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Have you ever wondered who you were in a previous life? Many people believe that we have and how many times when something has gone wrong you have said “I must have done something wrong in a past life”. So my question is, have we been here before? Are you fascinated with a particular era, or point in history. Do you have deja vu when visiting somewhere new, like you have been there before. Maybe, just maybe you have! Enter Regression therapy.

I think a lot of people are curious, and may have tried past life regression just to find out. But there is the belief that discovering their past lives can help you with any issues you may have in your current life.

What is regression therapy?

Regression therapy is a technique that practitioners use to access your past life memories. A holistic therapy that encompasses mind, body and spirit. It’s will allow you to unlock emotions and experiences that are locked deep in your memory. Dealing with thoughts, feelings and patterns of behaviour from a previous life can help with the issues in this life. This is one of the reason’s why people have regression therapy, as it can be a tool for for personal growth and healing.

Regression therapy can help with relationship issues, vivid dreams or nightmares, fears or phobias, addictions, feelings of being stuck or deja vu. Once you have explored your past lives you will experience a positive shift in your patterns or behaviour. You can have a spiritual transformation and even a higher perspective and understanding in your life. But how interesting is it to find out who you were and where you lived. I always think people want to know if they were famous, or a historical figure from the past, even a King or Queen. But generally you were just a normal person living their life, in whatever time and place.

What to expect from a session

This can vary slightly from therapist to therapist. Relaxation is an important part, and your therapist will talk to you slowly and calmly, gently guiding you through steps to relax you body and mind. Then you will be asked to visualize stages.

The therapist should ask open questions and not guided you to go a certain way. You may recall in your minds eye what happened, and even feel the way you did when it happened. Your therapist will keep you in a state of relaxation where you feel safe and secure and have no fear or feel out of control.

You will then be guided back to your surroundings safely, and remember everything you saw or felt. You should always feel relaxed and safe in your environment, and never scared or threatened by what you see.

Your therapist may record you session so you listen back to it. Discovering any memories it is important to find out why it matters to you. How you feel about it, and what have you learned from it.
You may wonder why you have recalled the memories that you have.  Or even discover people from a past life in your current life. You may see more than one life, or see one life more deeply. All I can say is just keep an open mind, and put whatever you discover into perspective.

Any negative aspects to regression therapy?

Not everyone believes in past lives, so won’t believe you can discover them. Your therapist could lead you into false memories, so always do your research. They should ask very open questions and not guide you in any direction. You may remember incidents that were violent, which can be upsetting. But your therapist will be able to make you feel safe and guide you back to your surroundings.

Always find a therapist who is trained. There is The International Board for Regression Therapy who offers accreditation to therapists who have studied regression therapy and have demonstrated their ability to practice it.

Does it work?

Past life regression therapists argue that if you can be regressed back to your childhood, you can be regressed back further to you previous lives. You subconscious retains the information and you just need a little help in the form of regression to unlock the memories. You just have to keep an open mind and be ready for an amazing journey. If you think of how many hundreds or thousands of years that you could have lived in this world, curiosity has definitely got the better of me and I just had to find out. Just imagine if you lived at an amazing point of history, and could recall being there.

Final thoughts

I am fascinated by Past life Regression and have had many sessions where I have seen some amazing things. In some cases I have been able to research the details I have discovered and found them to be accurate. I understand that people don’t believe it is possible, but all I can say is, it is a personal journey.

Everyone has their own reasons for doing regression therapy and I am sure that curiosity is one of the main reasons. But I have found it really beneficial on my own spiritual path, and I have discovered numerous lives, each one totally different. I have been both male and female, died in unpleasant circumstances or I have just died from old age. It has been amazing to see them, and I had complete faith and trust in my Past life regression therapist. They made me feel completely at ease, which is extremely important.

Some people worry that they will not be able to be “regressed”. I do think if you practice meditation or relaxation techniques it may help more, as it is all about being in a relaxed state. I do also believe that you past lives can hold you back in this. So discovering any information about them can only help you on your path in this lifetime.

Whilst Past Life Regression isn’t for everyone, I think it is definitely something you should try at least once in this lifetime!

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