Reducing Your Waste To Help The Environment

The Environment

As we all know, the environment is in danger. Global Warming is a very real and worrying thing that our world is having to contend with. Waste, emissions and water consumption all contribute to the deteriorating situation.

But there are ways that we can help. Us women know that without a well functioning world, we ourselves cannot function. Therefore we should do all we can to help.

Ways We Can Help

There are many ways that we can help the environment. Of course, what we do will not make enough of a difference to fix everything, but if everyone did something it could hardly hinder. One effective way is through reducing our waste. This stops rubbish going to landfills and being dumped in the ocean, saving the landscape and the ocean environments.

Zero Waste Stores

With the increased awareness of global warming and our impact on the environment, it has become easier to do our bit for the world. Zero Waste shops have been a relatively recent addition to our towns and cities that make reducing our waste much simpler. 

Shopping at these stores allows you to reduce your plastic use, which in turn reduces your waste. These stores get you to bring your own containers (or buy reusable ones at the store) and fill them with foods and other items such as pasta, grains, soap etc.

They also sell fruits and vegetables without single use plastics. Alongside other necessities such as cleaning products, toiletries, kitchen items and baking products.

One such store is The Clean Kilo, which has a store in Birmingham. There are many other independent shops, however, this is the largest zero waste supermarket in the UK.

Donating Unwanted Items

We have a tendency to throw away items that we don’t want or no longer have use for. For example clothing and old toys. A way of stopping these items from ending up in landfills, is through donating them to charity shops and other places that might need toys or clothing. 

Places such as Oxfam, children’s Hospice and other charities will happily accept donations and go onto sell them in order to raise funds for their causes.

Buying Second Hand

In our materialistic world, it is the done thing to always shop new. Through shopping for new items, we add to the number of items in rotation in the world. If we buy clothes and other items second hand then we reduce the waste we contribute to. 

We are also giving old items a new life, meaning that they do not get disposed of. 

Water Consumption

Through keeping the amount of water we use to a minimum, we reduce the amount of water we waste. This helps because it limits the amount of power we use to pump, heat and cool the water we consume. 

It also limits the amount of water treatment that is used to treat the waste water. This will reduce the waste products.


We have all heard of recycling. It has been drilled into us through school and the media. It is an incredibly important way of helping the environment. Through recycling the waste we can, we reduce the amount we send to landfills.

Harmful chemicals and greenhouse gasses are released from rubbish in landfill sites. Recycling helps to reduce the pollution caused by waste, which in turn helps the environment. 

So… What To Do Now?

Tell your friends about this article and to go and do what they can to help the environment. Go out there darling and save the world. 

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