Orgasmic meditation – What is Orgasmic Meditation and Does it Actually Work?

Claire Millins

Orgasmic meditation is an actual thing! Who knew? 

Orgasmic meditation, or OM, is a practice that combines the power and attention of meditation with the deeply human, deeply felt and connected experience of orgasm, according to Nicole Daedone, the founder of OneTaste and creator of OM. 

That’s right darlings, thanks to OM’s endorsements by Khloe Kardashian and Gwyneth Paltrow’s GOOP website, a meditation practice that awakens your soul, mind and your lady garden is becoming mainstream. 

What is orgasmic meditation? 

OM is essentially a wellness practice that combines mindfulness, touching and pleasure. 

But when you get down to the mechanics of it, it’s performed by a man on a woman where he strokes the clitoris for 15 minutes, using a learned (!) technique. 

It is not intended as foreplay, or to get the woman to orgasm (even though there’s a high chance she will). No, the goal is to experience more connection, pleasure, happiness, vitality and fulfilment by bringing your attention to the present moment. 

Daedone, says that this is possible when you have the power of Orgasm, with a capital ‘O’, and that there is a huge difference between the Orgasm state and climax. Climax, according to Daedone, is a few seconds of physical experience, whereas the state of Orgasm is continuous, or “an optimal state of consciousness brought about from the activation of the sex impulse.” 

Is there any benefit to OM over regular meditation? 

Meditation is a method to connect with your true self, your breath, slow your mind and sometimes boost your mood, however you do it. 

OM fans claim that the practice increases their happiness (well, I guess they would seeing as there’s an orgasm involved?), as well as lowering their stress and anxiety levels resulting in them having happier and healthier relationships. 

However, traditional meditation can also improve your libido, which can lead to a more enriched bedroom experience. 

So how do you practice OM? 

OM take place between two consenting adults, who are both over 18. 

The ‘ritual’ lasts 15 minutes (am I the only one who sees the joke in that?) Apparently, this is deliberate, because it’s short enough to practice regularly, but long enough to get both body and mind to relax into the Orgasmic state. 

The environment must be comfortable and relaxing, as the woman, naked from the waist down, has to lie back for the duration. (Thinking about England is optional!) 

The ‘stroker’, fully clothed and wearing latex gloves, applies lube and only starts stroking after the person being stroked has verbally given their consent. Stroking takes place on the upper-left quadrant of the clitoris in an up-and-down motion and no firmer than you would stroke an eyelid. After the allotted 15 minutes, the ‘stroker’ uses a towel to wipe the lube from the genitals. 

OM practice is a partnered activity, but you can perform a solo practice on yourself should you wish. 

For more information check out the Institute of Om’s website. 

It’s sound a bit weird. 

It does, doesn’t it?  

But, OM is not a practice for sexual gratification, on either side. Its only purpose is to improve the connection between your body and mind. And workshops where strangers of the opposite sex stroke your intimate regions are, thankfully a thing of the past. 

Since 2004 when OneTaste, was founded, it has faced a great deal of controversy. Not least in 2018, when a Bloomberg Businessweek report quoted several staff and community members who claimed that OneTaste resembled a cult and a prostitution ring where they bled clients of their money and exploited staff. Even the FBI were brought in. 

According to Wikipedia, the company’s chief executive officer stepped down in July 2018, and was replaced by co-owner Anjuli AyerOneTaste have since stopped offering in-person courses and retreats globally, to concentrate on putting OM teachings online to reach a wider audience. 


If you’re curious about OM, then why not check it out. Equally, if it’s not your thing, don’t. After all, when it comes to your body, it’s important to feel safe and comfortable. 

However, if you are feeling unfulfilled sexually, or crave a deeper connection with your partner, dedicating 15 minutes a day to having your clitoris stroked might just be the answer you’ve been looking for! 

I think I’ll be giving this one a miss, but what are your thoughts on OM? Is it something you’d try with your partner or even on your own? 

Let me know in the comments below. 

Until next time darlings. 


Claire Millins

Claire Millins

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