New Year – New me?

The clock strikes 12 am. Big Ben has his moment, skies across the world light up and we cheer and hug anyone that makes eye contact with us and wish them all the best. A new year is here and it comes with a warm fuzzy feeling that we cant quite explain. We cant explain it because it’s also if we’re being truly honest with ourselves…slightly depressing.

As well as good old knees up, New year is also a reminder of our dear loved ones we may have lost, the places we didn’t see, the experiences we didn’t have, the extra kilos that have appeared  our backside, all the alcohol that we have consumed and the cigarettes that went with it. It’s a reminder of all of last years resolutions that we didn’t stick to. And why? Well, it’s because we’re all human and more often than not we are too hard on ourselves.

Therefore, the best new years resolution you can have for 2019 is to not have one. Scrap the bloody things…see ya! If you want to make a resolution then let it be to be kinder to yourself, be your own best friend and appreciate what you have, focus on what you have done and achieved versus what you haven’t. 

Here are my top 3 tips for starting 2019 in the best possible way

Beauty Sleep – Waking up the right way

The key for me is plenty of sleep. I used to feel guilty when going to bed early because I hadn’t seen friends or watched the latest episode of Killing Eve that the whole world is talking about. Sleep is so important for the human body and brain to function and recharge itself. My advice is to take a bath, unwind and treat your self to an early night now and again, it will do wonders for morning you. I’ve recently discovered Therapie‘s heavenly product range and are now firmly a part of my bedtime regime, their Sleep Drops never fail to send me to the land of nod and are available from Cult Beauty.

A good night sleep also then sets you up for a good morning. If you’re not a fan of mornings and refer to yourself as “not a morning person”,  then its probably because you aren’t doing them right. Does your alarm sing an hour before you actually need to get out of bed? Do you find that you hit the snooze button a good four times before reaching for your phone to check social media? You then jump up late shower then turn your room upside down looking for the right outfit for today? Does this sound familiar? If so then stop! 

Getting up early is great, and also fine but only if you use this time wisely. If the first thing you do is reach for your phone then try not to, you can read todays news in the paper during your morning commute. Instead, have a selfish thirty minutes to an hour to yourself, go to the gym or for a morning swim, walk to work listening to music or a podcast, call a loved one or a friend and make sure to grab breakfast and a coffee. Mornings don’t need to be rushed or stressful.

Social Media – Let’s start again

Although I do love social media and think its a fantastic way to stay connected with friends and family and to share memories and get some great style tips and interior ideas recently I had to stand back and ask myself what I liked about it and more importantly, what I dislike about it. I don’t think the answer is quitting social media as we all know we have tried that on several occasions and failed miserably. I think we simply need to reboot our relationship with social media and ensure that It’s a healthy one. 

The first thing to ask yourself is how much time you are spending on instagram, twitter, facebook etc and what you are getting out of this time? If the answer is not a lot then ask yourself why you are doing it? Most people reach for their mobile phone out of habit, either when there is nothing good on tv, when they are commuting or just generally bored.

If you are not getting anything back from the time you are spending on social media then it can be draining. There are much more thrilling and brain stimulating actives that we should explore and treat our brains to, like reading, watching a film, listening to a good audio book or podcast, making art, looking our of the window on a train/ bus and even starting a conversation with a stranger. All of the things our grandparents and parents had the pleasure of doing so much more often than we do. Try this for a week and you will be amazed!

The second thing to consider is who you follow on social media, who follows you and why. Social media gives us a platform to basically spy on other peoples lives or on what they want us to think their lives look like. It’s a place where people can find themselves feeling jealous of others clothing, lifestyle or homes and makes us realise what we don’t have or what we don’t like about our wardrobe or even our own bodies. Remember – no one posts about that big spot on their nose or their cellulite and having no money for a holiday this year. 

If this is how social media makes you feel then I think it might be time to have a breather or at least a clear out of follows/followers you don’t know or necessarily care about and get back to using the platform for positive and up-lifting reasons. 

Back to basics – Appreciating the simple things in life

Its 2019 and here we are in the hustle and bustle of of the city, surrounded by and highly reliant on technology to go about our day and do our jobs. We sadly look at our computer screens more than our loved ones. This year I want to go back to basics and value the little things in life more so than I do today. When I say basics I mean those acts and activities that have been around for century’s and that don’t necessarily cost a great deal to do. Here are a few:

  • Precious time spent with family and friends
  • Cooking delicious meals that I’ve never cooked before
  • Enjoying the act of recycling and shopping in charity shops/ car boot sales
  • Saving my hard earned money where I can
  • Putting together different outfits out of clothes that I already have instead of ordering online in a panic
  • Reading a good book I got from the library
  • Art in any form, expressing creativity
  • Going the movies or watching a classic at home (even if it is in black and white)
  • Going on a long country walk
  • Appreciating the weather
  • Listening to different genres of music
  • Educating myself on areas that I have no or little knowledge
  • Exploring new areas of  the UK I’ve not seen
  • Appreciating people and how great, wonderful and different we are. 

To name a few…

I’ve probably missed off so many more of this list but these are some that spring to mind for me personally. We can get so wrapped up in our jobs and busy lives that we never stop to appreciate these small things that have existed for centuries and how wonderful they are. I also find that doing some of these examples are when I am also happiest and feel the most fulfilled.

Happy New Year Darlings!

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