Nature’s Antidote Heart Chakra- A Review

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I was really intrigued to try Nature’s Antidote Heart Chakra. The company says that “We believe that change starts within ourselves”. This is something I firmly believe in too. I have always believed in the power of herbs and plants and I love that their products encourage you to “reconnect with your body”. 

Most people ignore or aren’t aware of what their body is telling them. I think a huge factor for people today is stress, and I find it so important to find a way to relax and de-stress. What could be better than the ritual of tea, and taking time to slow down, sit and relax with the perfect drink.


To be able to spend time in the Amazon with the Kayapo tribe, and learn first hand how they use plants as medicine sounds like an amazing experience. I enjoy to learn about the Shamanic way of life, in which plants and herbs would be incorporated, so to hear about the Kayapo tribe was music to my ears. Anything that supports the deforestation of the Amazonian rainforest is truly amazing and has my full support.

I also teach Meditation, and practice it everyday and was looking forward to this product enhancing my experience and also, I love the background to what inspired this company. I have looked at some of their other products and cannot wait to try them, particularly the Chaga and the Turmeric & Black Pepper Bioperine capsules.

Nature’s Antidote Heart Chakra

Nature’s Antidote Heart Chakra product appeared at the perfect time me. I had been doing some Meditation work on my Heart Chakra, as this has been feeling out of balance, so the timing couldn’t be better.

I really do believe that when the Heart chakra is balanced and centred it makes a big difference in how you feel on a daily basis. The Heart Chakra blend is said to be “warming and calming” thanks to the ginger, cinnamon & turmeric. The Reishi aspect helps to decrease stress and can act as an inflamatory along with Rose & Turmeric. It also include Lavender which has amazing properties.

I was intrigued to discover more about Reishi. The beneficial properties are simply amazing. Not only does it help with depression and anxiety, it can help to lower blod pressure and control blood sugar levels. Reishi also is said to have “rejuvenating and healing properties”. The main focus for me is that it has the ability to “help the body resist the stress reponse” this has a huge impact of physical health as well as mental and emotional health.

The Heart chakra Blend by Nature’s Antidote

There is a wonderful mixture of plants and herbs in this blend, and I have used them all on an individual basis. I really enjoyed them all blended together, it felt and tasted like the perfect balance of them. No one plant overwhelmed the other, or overpower the flavour. The balance was really wonderful. When blended with fruit juice you could still taste the flavour of it without it completely taking over.

How to use it:

When I first tried to make the drink I didn’t have any expectations, and just went off the guidance and instructions on the bottle. I also hadn’t read to much about the product either as I didn’t want it to lead me in any direction.


I tried it first as a tea with hot water, honey and a splash of milk. It induced the most wonderful, warming and comfortable feeling. It is very relaxing and I did feel a warm sensation in the centre of my chest. This was my preferred way of drinking it in the evening. 


But I have also added it to smoothies, choosing to drink these in the morning. I would add the fruit juice of my choice, I love cherry or cranberry juice, or even pomegranate juice. I would then blend it with a spoonful of honey and a handful of raspberries or blueberries.

But I also really enjoyed it as an iced-tea. I made it first with hot water, let it cool down, added a little honey and lemon and served it over ice.

My experience

I have been drinking one to two cups a day, and I really do believe it has made me feel better. I feel like there is a sense of clarity, things seem a little clearer. Maybe it is the ritual of taking time to make the drink however you like it. But then taking the time to sit down and actually savour the drink, and be aware of how it makes you feel.

How often do you, when you drink anything, whether it be water or tea, just drink it? You don’t put any thought into it, you don’t sit back, relax and enjoy it. I made the time to enjoy this and relish in how it made me feel. I made it a ritual by making it in a teapot, then adding the extras like honey or lemon.

Since drinking this tea I can honestly say I have slept better, and I have felt much more relaxed and calm. I feel more focused in my daily life, and my thoughts are clearer. Further, I found it to be very de-stressing, which is important to me. I enjoyed creating the ritual of making this and I found it helped the whole process too.

I feel almost like a sense of peace has descended, it is a cup of positivity really!

If you want to try any of Nature’s Antidotes product the code selfishdarling will give you 20% off your purchase. As I mentioned above there are quite a few other products I’m going to try myself!

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