My Friend The Urban Gardener: Plant Lady on Instagram and How it Helped Her Feel Like Herself Again

The Hormona Team

The plant lady my friend will kill me if she ever reads this. Yes, she would. I wouldn’t be telling her and I’m sure you wouldn’t. By my standards, my friend is the ultimate Urban Gardener. When all is said and done if she does find out, she will forgive me. I’m doing it as a testament to her strength. She has amazed me with it time and time again. This time she amazed me with how she took a bad break-up in her stride. Learnt who she was once more through the help of her love for plants. She does not own a garden. She does it all to fill her flat with some pretty cool plants. Sharing the care and love of her plants on her plant lady Instagram. It gives her time to reconnect with herself. I can’t think of a better way nature can provide for the human soul. In that time, I have learnt so much from her. I hope it can help you through a tough part of your life on the journey that loves a bit of dramatic irony. 

No Bad Vibes, No Bad Air 

If you haven’t guessed yet, my friend she loves plants. Long before she had the confidence to start her plant lady Instagram. I wouldn’t go into detail about her break up. Just know it was with someone she thought her future was set with. Yeah, you can imagine what the fallout was like, especially as my friend did not see it coming. I will mention it was hard to watch her heartbreak. See her cry and listen to her pain. Knowing I could only offer the comfort that couldn’t take it away. This is all the time I will give to bad air.   

Speaking of bad air. Plants at home can break it and in return send out fresh oxygen. Amazingly they can clear the air. Clearing the air is what she did. She wanted to change the air around her situation. She wanted to focus on herself. Being in the Urban Jungle, her home became an urban gardener’s ideal dream. She went towards the love for plants and wanting to nurture. Her plant lady Instagram depute baby was a Parlor Palm – she calls the plants her babies – I know it’s cute. Great for cleaning the air. If you like to meditate consider doing so near an air-purifying plant. Let the bad vibes out of your mind and clear the air of it.   

The Moody Greens 

She has a thing for Cacti, and I do too. They are such a captivating species of plants and a mega variety to choose from. Survivors, of any kind of hardship thrown at them. They find a way to thrive. It is pretty cool how they can grow just about anywhere. They helped her feel like her again since they reminded her to never give up. To accept change when it happens. To seek out new ways to make herself happy again. Always, the aim was to look to the home to be happy again. Happy with herself and the things around her.   

So, check out my Urban gardener plant lady Instagram, @Cactivida, whenever you’re not feeling like you but remember you did not hear it from me.  


The Hormona Team

The Hormona Team

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