Mum, The Artist!

Mama, how are you feeling today? Have you eaten, showered, brushed your hair, wait! And your teeth?! Sounds like a lot huh? For the modern day Mama, juggling Work, Home and Social Life (often for the whole family) can be both thrilling, or equally, overwhelming, it really is an art form, but as with any Artist and their work, one must take a mental  break in order to ‘regroup’ the brain cells and start working with heart again. We all have different circumstances, and we all need a break sometimes, especially when you’re a Mum.

See, the thing is, when you become a Mum, it’s like an emotional switch you didn’t even know was there is turned on, what mattered so much before, is suddenly, popped down a few bullet points on the To Do list, or things that wouldn’t have moved you before, like another child crying, triggers a fierce Maternal Instinct “Let me take care of you, here, nestle in my bosom! “ honestly, ask any Mama you know and she will tell you, if she hasn’t rushed to the aid of another child she’s certainly felt the need to. This said, this ‘Switch’ is not something to he belittled or taken for granted.

Psychologically, we need rest. We need moments of absolute calm in our somewhat hectic lives. A Mother, is a true Artist, she uses the Colour in her life to create masterpieces on the blank canvases that are her children. She takes care, working slowly, making sure the colours match, that they are gentle, not too loud. A Mother waits patiently for the end result of her sleepless nights and early mornings, eager to see her work finished, she adjusts her palette constantly, a retouch here, an unexpected, but joyful burst of detail there.

But like even the greatest of Artists, Da Vinchi, Brunelleschi, Monet, Van Gogh, A mother needs a moment to step back and enjoy her own thoughts. She needs time to stand under a hot shower, the water releasing tension, and just, breathe.

We live in a modern society, and thank goodness for that! But are we checking in on the ‘status’ of our Mum friends? If you’re a Mum, are you taking that blissful little moment in each day to put down your ‘paintbrush’ and turn your gaze to your own reflection? Darling, you are important. Time to yourself doesn’t mean disappearing for days (but if that’s what you need, honey, you gotta do it!) it could just be, that moment in the morning, before your kids wake up, or in the evening, once they’re in bed, your routine can begin.

Everyone’s routine is different for them, but as a fellow Mum, here’s a helping hand for your everyday

  • Breathe! When anxious, the human response is to hold our breath, which increases your heart rate and causes those flutters we call Palpations. So, breathe, breathe it all out. In, 1,2, 3 Out 1,2,3 and repeat
  • It’s the little things, fresh air, the way the light looks in the morning, that moment just before sunset and the night, A HOT CUP OF TEA!!! (am I right?!) These things, and yours maydiffer from this list, matter. Look for them, enjoy them!
  • Stretch, whether in full Yogi Mode or more juggling baby, keys and phone. Take the opportunity to use your muscles, and stretch them out. Walking is fantastic for releasing endorphins and getting out and about
  • Laugh! Find the joy in even the craziest of situations, you’ll be surprised how much happiness can be found.

 It’s not always easy to find these things, but honey, remember, you’re doing the best you can, you’re the only Mum good enough for your little ones. When that cup of tea comes, steaming hot, put down your Artists Tools, enjoy the moment to yourself. Take a sip, breathe, relax, your Artwork will be just fine!

By Zarah Henderson


Posted By  : The Hormona Team

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