Meet Three Young Female Entrepreneurs Who Are Absolutely Killing It 

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Our Three Young Female Entrepreneurs

Whilst this article barely touches upon the huge number of young female entrepreneurs who are absolutely bossing it, it is a specially handpicked snapshot of hard-working females who are inspiring women in a range of sectors, from activewear and female empowerment to food products. 

Grace Beverley – Founder and director of B_ND, SHREDDY and TALA 

The first of our female entrepreneurs is Grace Beverley, 22-year-old founder and director of TALA, B_ND and SHREDDY, which are three fitness related brands. All whilst completing her degree at Oxford University, Grace consistently worked her ass off to create these incredible brands and provide women the opportunity to kickstart their fitness journey with top notch products, in top quality gear.

B_ND offers premium gym equipment at affordable prices, with their best-known product being a resistant band used by thousands of fitness lovers and influencers around the globe. TALA is a sustainable, ethical and high-performance clothing range which boasts suitability for not only the gym, but also everyday wear and funky festival outfits.

TALA is extremely individual in that the products are produced from plastic bottles and factory offcuts, and you can even plant the label of the clothes to grow your very own plant. Grace, still at such a young age considering all she has achieved, has racked up a huge 1 million Instagram followers and recently won an award for London’s young entrepreneur of the year at Natwest’s great British entrepreneur awards. Beverley is always seeking to push the boundaries and exceed industry expectations and is sure to continue to amaze her followers in the future. 

Phoebe Gormley – Founder of Gormley & Gamble  

The second of our female entrepreneurs is 25-year-old Phoebe Gormley is the founder of Gormley & Gamble. This is the first women’s only tailors in the history of Savile Row, founded in 2014. Having always been a fashion fanatic, Phoebe had interned around Savile Row since the age of 15.

Gaining exposure to this iconic Mayfair street highlighted a clear gap in the market for Phoebe and after two years of studying bespoke costume design at university, this gap must have been laying heavy in Phoebe’s mind as she decided to leave university and use her final year’s tuition fees to start her own business. The gamble that Phoebe took proved to be extremely successful, reflected by the number of awards she has been given including a place on Forbes’ esteemed Forbes 30 Under 30 list. 

Pippa Murray – Founder of Pip & Nut 

Our last female entrepreneur is Pippa Murray, 30, founder of all-natural nut butter brand Pip & Nut. She is an extremely influential woman in the ‘healthier alternative’ industry. As a traditional peanut butter substitute, Pip & Nut has become the leading nut butter brand in the UK.

The nature of this sustainable alternative, free from palm oil and refined sugar, has allowed for it to become the UK’s fastest growing all-natural nut butter brand, hugely popular and stocked in over 5000 stores across the UK and Europe.

As an avid runner, the idea to create the brand sparked when Pippa couldn’t find a protein source to fuel her marathon training that was both delicious and nutritious. Having never run her own business or worked in the food industry before, Pippa worked extremely hard to get Pip & Nut where it is today.

Murray first sold her butters at a local artisan market but as demand inevitably increased beyond the level of supply, she had to upscale and as a result her first range was launched in Selfridges in 2015. Since then, the demand for Pip & Nut is constantly increasing and the range of products is becoming wider and wider, much to the consumer’s delight. 

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The Hormona Team

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