So if you’ve been keeping up, you will have followed my introduction to MBTI personality types as well as my rundown of self-care needs tailored to each MBTI personality type. (If not then now’s your chance!)

Today, the MBTI personality topic is career paths.

How do the different MBTI personalities affect what kind of career path might best suit you? Of course, I’m not here to tell anyone to quit their jobs or do a complete U-turn – but, if you’re one of the many who feels a little lost and unsure of their next career move, then I hope this may remind you how you can use your unique personality quirks to your favour when it comes to life’s biggest decisions…

Ready? Okay, let’s dive in!

Career Paths for Each MBTI Personality Type

ESFJ: Teaching/ Training

As both social and driven individuals – ESFJs make great teachers – or thrive in any role that involves explaining things to others. Their extroversion and feeling components make them relish the company of others and also gives them the emotional intelligence that makes a teacher inspiring and not dry. Yet their spatial and judgment ways of thinking mean that they are still able to make sense of complex topics, maintain order, and make decisions.

ENFJ: Philantrophy/ Care Work

ENFJs often feel it’s their purpose to help others. Although living for others can be harmful when taken to the nth degree, you may as well harness this passion to benefit both yourself and this compassion-starved worked… Working in the non-profit and humanitarian sectors, or as a nurse, doctor, or care worker, could be a great way for you to feel fulfilled and put these motivations to great use. But beware of compassion fatigue!

ISTJ: Academia/ Science

ISTJs love to bury themselves in research – whether that’s pouring over documentaries and books in their free time – or dedicating their career to the pursuit of knowledge. If you align your career path with this constant thirst for discovery and understanding of the world around you, then you can count on being fulfilled in your life. On top of that, copious independent work and time spent alone is not an issue for you – in fact, it even sounds appealing! That’s why ISTJs make great academics or scientists, dedicating each day to research and learning more every day.

ISFJ: Psychology/ Sociology

ISFJs are interestingly both distant and sociable. In this way, they are able to separate themselves from others to a degree – and yet still manage to study people and society deeply. This is why a career studying humans but at arm’s length – for instance, by pursuing a career as a psychologist, anthropologist, historian, or some sort of social scientist – could be a great way to use your natural skills and nature to benefit your work.

As an ESTJ you are both confident and money-minded with a built-in entrepreneurial spirit – a perfect mix for the business or economic world. Your natural self-discipline and drive for success combined with your extroversion means that little throws you are you always have your eyes on the prize! So don’t stop now, ESTJ – you already know what you need to do!

ESFP: Marketing/ PR

The ESFP’s combination of being extroverted and an emotional thinker makes them naturally vivacious and charismatic. Meanwhile, their sensory dominance makes them more scientific-minded meaning they are not as easily manipulated as their ENFP counterparts. Combined with their perceiving nature, the ESFP adaptable and easygoing, making them great persuaders. All combined, these traits make for a great marketer or public relations specialist! Let your natural persuasion skills and adaptable yet logical approach to your work be your greatest asset!

ISFP: Music/ Graphic Design

ISFPs, although introverted, are often natural people-pleasers, and therefore, often performers. Combine this with their combination of sensory and feeling traits, and it results in someone highly-attuned to their surroundings, naturally gifted in the sciences as well as with their emotions – often making them great at certain arts that require an element of logic or science – such as music or graphic design.

INTP: Technical writing/ Translation

As an INTP, you love to pour over new information. Like a sponge, you naturally absorb new facts and figures – and the combination of your intuition (N) and your factual thinking (T) – means that you are fairly unique in that you enjoy both art and logic to equal measure. As such, you would do well in a field that combines your love of processing information and your creative flair. Examples are technical or non-fiction writing, or translation, where you apply your specific skills to process information for an intended audience.

ESTP: Sports/ Outdoor pursuits

ESTPs feel their best when on the move! Often with a lot of pent up energy and naturally sporty people, many athletes are ESTPs. If you are constantly moving your body each day, you feel at peace. Beware though – the fact that you are perceiving rather than judging means that you can still sometimes struggle with the structure and self-discipline required for training. You may fare even better working in a less competitive sport that allows you more freedom – especially if it allows you to get outside, which is another passion of yours – such as rock-climbing, hiking, or water sports.

ISTP: Web Design/ Cooking

ISTPs naturally thrive when sharpening their spatial and mechanical skills. You are likely particularly talented at fixing or assembling things – whether it’s computers or a three-tier cake… You just love that sweet spot between the logic of structure and having space and flexibility to think for yourself. That’s why a career such as web design or cooking would likely appeal to you. They might not sound similar, but you simply require a job that allows you to be both technical and artistic at the same time, creating things that are both structured and innovative.

ENFP: Acting/ Comedy

ENFPs are the definition of people-people. So much so, that they crave to be around others all the time. Their highly social and personable nature often makes them natural performers or comedians, as although they are often humble people, they still like it when all eyes are on them so that they feel seen. As such, a career in the television of film industry may be a perfect match to the ENFP personality, whether it’s as a stand-up comic or the next big thing in Hollywood – don’t hold back, ENFP, you were born for this!

ENTP: Influencer/ Artist

ENTPs are often known as the “weird one.” But you love it really. A curious mix of ambition and idleness, of intense creativity, and being a black-and-white thinker, the ENTP often even confuses themself. Since the ENTP struggles with self-discipline – and often with any sort of structure at all, they do best when working for themselves, and yet their lack of discipline can make this a constant struggle.

However, as long as you can find a niche that makes you able to express your creativity and feel fulfilled each day, you can thrive. This is why being an artist, writer, or “influencer” of some sort could be a great option for you. Don’t stop being your spontaneous, quirky self ENTP – that’s what makes you special. But don’t forget to push yourself when necessary – your potential is huge but you need to get out of bed first!

ENTJ: Media

As a personality type known for their confidence, independence, and vivacity, ENTJs tend to crave sensory stimulation and get a lot out of entertainment and pop culture. This is why this personality tends to gravitate towards a career in media – whether that’s in the TV industry, the film industry, the video game industry, or in TV journalism. Their combination of extraversion and intuition, and yet being a black-and-white thinker and a lover of structure, makes them fiercely determined, productive, and a force to be reckoned with.

INTJ: Analyst/ Politician

As an INTJ, you are a naturally intellectual and highly driven person who does whatever it takes to get ahead in your studies or career. The combination of your intuition and your black-and-white thinking means that you love to analyse the people around you, as though you are separate from them.

Combine this with your introversion and judging nature, and you can often feel like you’re in your own bubble. However, in truth, you are a naturally perceptive and conscientious person who just wants to get things right and understand what is going on around them. Although you can come off as standoffish thanks to these traits, they actually make you a great analyst or politician.

INFP: Poet/ Novellist

INFPs are highly sensitive and self-reflective individuals who feel most themselves not only when they are alone, but more specifically, when they use this alone time to channel their creativity. You are naturally gifted in the arts, and so engaging in anything artistic is extremely calming for you – not to mention life-affirming.

With a natural way with words and an acute awareness of emotion, you have probably already tried your hand at writing poetry or novels – so why not make this your career? Your intuition paired with your perceiving nature can make you hesitant to take action or put yourself first. Pair this with your introversion and you can be even more of a shrinking violet. But you are a highly gifted person who has a lot to offer the world! You must go against your self-deprecating nature somewhat in order to make a living from these talents.

INFJ: Journalism/ Counselling

INFJs are known to be walking contradictions. Both wildly creative, and lovers of structure. Both deeply interested and seeking connection with others, and in need of a lot of time spent alone in self-reflection. As such, this type thrives in a job that allows them to be both creative and channel facts and truth. To use their intuition and understanding of how people tick while being able to work independently on specific tasks.

Examples of such careers could be journalism – which coincides with the INFJs love of communicating through writing and working independently. Also, since they gain purpose from problem-solving, deep one-to-one conversations, and listening to and helping others, INFJs can make good therapists or counselors – keeping their intuitive, emotional, and judging components happy all at once.

The Bottom Line

Whatever your MBTI personality type – there’s an ideal career path out there for you! And darling, it’s never too late for a change – you need to do whatever it takes to be fulfilled in your life.

What’s your MBTI personality type, and do you feel like these career suggestions are a good fit for you?

Let us know in the comments!

Roxanna. Xx

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