Little Ways to find Everyday Success 

At Hormona we believe in finding and appreciating the little things in life and when you start paying attention to how great these small acts make your feel it makes you want to do them even more.

Easy Ways To Make Yourself Feel Like Everyday Is A Success

Make Your Bed  

This is something my dad stands by, and I admit, I do to. Making your bed, without sounding like you mother, takes only a few seconds. Smooth out your duvet, fluff up the pillows, take that little bit more time to look after your home and have something nice to come to at the end of the day. As my dad says, even if the day is rubbish, at the very least you have made your bed, and it really is quite a lovely thing to climb into a bed without wrestling with covers beforehand. It’s only small, but making my bed makes me feel more responsible, more in control, its one thing you can do everyday that you know you can do. It’s a success for yourself. 

Prepare for the Next Day 

No, there are those who make all their meals for the next day whilst I commend them for their skill, that really isn’t my sort of thing. When I say prepare for the next day, that could be the smallest thing. Lay out clothes for tomorrow, fill up your kettle and ready a mug and teabag so that all you have to do when you wake up is flip a switch. Have your bag packed for the day or have food ready for breakfast. Something small like this not only makes you more mentally prepared for tomorrow but eases the nagging feeling of having things to do, meaning you can sleep a little sounder as well. Having some preparation in your life benefits you not only on a personal and mental level, but also instils a good ethic you can keep with you in other aspects of your life, like work. 

Make a to-do List 

Similar to the aforementioned preparedness above, a to do list can be hugely helpful. Now this can be the sort of to do list my mum likes to write, which is essentially, a list of chores that can cause anxiety as much it might relieve it crossing things off, but it can also be much simpler. Pick just a few things to do that day. Three things out of the many and decided that they will be the ones you accomplish today, however big or small and get those three things done. So even if you still have work to do, even if those are the only things you get done that day, it’s still a step in the right direction. You’ve still accomplished things and you’re still working towards your goal. 

Give Yourself a Bedtime 

Sounding like you mum again, I know. But here, hundreds of studies across the world all point towards the benefits of a good night’s sleep. We ourselves know the benefits of a good night’s sleep; we can feel it the next day. By knowing how much sleep you need, knowing what time you need to get up in the morning, you can go to bed at a certain time that guarantees a good set of hours snoozing. Take control of your cycadean rhythm and send yourself to bed every night to give you the best you can get out of your days. 

Go Outside 

Spending time in nature has been proved to alleviate mental health problems, including anxiety and depression. Being in the great outdoors helps us relax, provides inspiration, improves both mental and physical health and can help your overall mood. Taking some time every day to be outside, in any way, water some flowers, walk to work, take a short cut (or long way) through a park, I myself walk my dog to clear my head, can only help keep you balanced and at ease. Being healthy within yourself and happier will help you make the most of life.  

Sometimes success doesn’t come from networking and some of us don’t really like exercise, and for lots and lots of people, even completing the everyday things is in itself a victory. So, treat it as one. So, if all you can do in a day is make your bed and walk your dog, you’ve still succeeded, and just think what you might do tomorrow. 

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